Friday, 21 September 2018

Joining us for Men United are... Bristol's very own Kettle of Fish

We are very excited to let it be known that we are really looking forward to meeting with the chaps from Kettle of Fish, because of their obvious singing prowess and also because they have such fabulous shirts!  Now, we are not saying we don't like performing in our uniform black T-shirts emblazoned with our hearfelt logo on the front and directions for returning any "lost boy" written on the back, but once in a while we like to unleash our "inner fashionista" with a fab-u-lous shirt.

But clearly there is much more to this group than a great line in shirtery, they can also sing rather well and have been very active in the local scene in various guises for quite some time now with numerous escapades including singing in the Corinium Museum in our local town of Cirencester - which has given us an idea for some more Magnificentness...

Find out more about this wonderfully talented group, and see if you can spot one or two connections with The Magnificent AK47 over the years via their very colourful website at and hear them in action on their SoundCloud page at

And you too could be part of what should be an amazing event combining the talents of Kettle of Fish and many others, visit to get your tickets, or have a quick watch of our promo video, then head to (hard sell, but we don't want people to miss out!).

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Where do you do it?

When asked, some of our blokes revealed the do it "slowly", "carefully", "eventually", "in the car" and perhaps a little more interestingly, "in bed" or "in the bath".

'Learning their parts', that is...  

Wherever they do it, most do it via quite a bit of tech that most of them have been dragged into the 21st Century by getting SmartPhones and using a thing called "Box".

This is where we keep all our practice material and many recordings for the blokes to revisit their parts and accelerate their learnings.

And good job too, we have at least one brand spanking new piece we are working on, in fact we are working on a second that has been specially written for us, but that's a secret for now so forget we mentioned that.

Monday, 17 September 2018

More Magnificent Men United

It’s just under three weeks to go before our Big Gig and Workshop to celebrate our (first) 10 years of peddling our unique brand of #altmvc Male Voice Choral singing...
And now we would like to invite you to join them on Magnificent Mystery Tour to help us be part of a fantastic community even we are planning with a MASSIVE workshop and Gala performance at the beautiful St George’s Hall, just off Park Street in Bristol.
Our aim is to get as many singers together for a huge workshop in the afternoon where some of the most respected singing leaders in the West will be teaching songs to the assembled throng.
This will be followed by a Gala concert in the evening to include appearances by some leading choirs in Bristol and culminate in a performance by The Magnificent AK47 themselves, topped off by the workshop attendees singing the songs they learnt earlier in the day. You and your friends could be there in the audience or even one of the singers taking part on stage! 
More info on our  website at or get your ticket now from the St George's Hall Box office at or you can hear our Belovéd ChoirMeister espousing the virtues of the event in person on this short, but perfectly formed, video clip.

We very much look forward to seeing you there.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Joining us for Men United are... Bristol Man Chorus

Somewhat uncharacteristically un-humbl-y of us, we’d like to think that The Magnificent AK47 and BlokeFest played a not insignificant part in the formation of Bristol Man Chorus…

Back in 2015, Sam Burns, the energetic and inspirational founding force behind Bristol Man Chorus, was invited to lead a workshop at BlokeFest where he taught the stirring “Blood and Gold” in a way that roused the spirits of the assembled throng and gave Sam a taste of how spine-tingling working with just male voices could be.  

He enjoyed the experience so much that he was himself inspired to set up his own Man Group.

And what an inspired move that was!  Since their inception in January 2016 the group has gone from strength to strength.  They have performed at a hugely impressive array of events, in the Colston Hall, the Hippodrome, St Georges, the Old Vic, St Albans, the M-Shed, SS Great Britain, Southmead Hospital & multiple strange outdoor locations including the Portway & Staple Hill Tunnel. 

Their repertoire includes Mighty Male Voice classics from the Land of the Dragon, Georgian laments to make the very stones weep, Vintage Barbershop cheese (tempered with a small pinch of cheek & salt!) and also contemporary works, spirituals, shanties & odes to facial hair of course!

As if that wasn’t enough, Sam also runs the might Gurt Lush, one of the largest and most popular choral groups in the land.

We are so looking forward to the workshop and main evening event to hear these guys in action and mingle with some of our “Brothers in song”.

Find out more about this amazing group via and their YouTube Channel.

To be part of what should be an amazing event combining the talents of Bristol Man Chorus and many others, visit to get your tickets, or have a quick watch of our promo video, then head to (hard sell, but we don't want people to miss out!).

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Phenomenal fund raising success

Some might view it as a bit of a dodgy looking exchange of an envelope containing a large amount of cash, but it is all "legit", as a beaming Andy E hands over the monies raised at the Whisky/Whiskey Appreciation evening that he organised a couple of weeks back.

Receiving the donation on behalf of Swindon Prostate Cancer Support Group is our very own Geoff S, who has had a "brush" with the illness and is now quite active in this local group to help other sufferers.

Amazing £500 was raised in the one night from the donations of the evening's attendees, through fees and fines as Judge John G presided over the assembly and passed his "summary high justice" to extract monies for "heinous crimes" too numerous, humerous or libelous to recollect in public.

A tremendous effort in aid of a good cause that we will be continuing to support with our Big Gig and joint venture with Prostate Cancer UK at our Men United event in St George's Hall, Bristol.  Hear all about it from Chris Samuel, our belovéd ChoirMeister in our promo video.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Promo video for Men United

We have a nifty little video to help let people know about our Big Gig celebrating 10 years of Magnificentness and raising awareness and funds for Prostate Cancer UK at St George's Hall in Bristol on Saturday 6th October.


We hope you like it and just to emphasise the Workshop AND Show are open to ALL singers & audience of ALL types who enjoy singing in the lower registers.

For more details at or go straight to