Monday, 10 December 2018

Beer & Carols time again!

It's that time of the year again when we nip along to the local for some nasty nibbles, a pint or two, and a good old sing along to some of our favourite old carols and one or two newer ones.

The blokes have been honing their skills with some of their Yuletide back catalogue and we hear a small group of Gallery Carol singers have been rehearsing a bit too, and there should be some of the ladies from Siren Sisters along plus a good few from the village choir - all in all, a hearty throng to sing along.

Come and join us if you can, but get there well in advance of 8pm to find a spot.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Magnificent Pow Wow & Party

What a way to celebrate a truly Magnificent 10th year after all the hullaballoo and the immense event at Bristol's St George's Hall, than to return whence we came, back to our roots in dear old village with a "Very Ashton Keynes" evening, full of ale, singing and cheese!

We held our Pow Wow (Annual General Meeting) in the Village Hall that was resplendent with huge amounts of memorabilia dangling from the ceiling and mounted on boards to remind us of so many of our  mini-man adventures over the years. 

Some wonderful memories of gigs, tours, days out, daft places we have sung and so much of the bonhomie of lurking in pubs, and camaraderie of singing pretty much everywhere we go.

And this event was no exception as we were joined by many of the Blokes' significant others to thank them and celebrate being allowed to do this stuff as much as we are.  Many of the ladies already know it each other from various gigs and events, such as Folk East, so it was a chance to cement friendships and be serenaded by the fellas.

But it was not just blokes singing, we were also graced by the presence of many of Ashton Keynes' finest ladies singing group, Siren Sisters, who enthusiastically enjoyed helping us devour the mountains of cheese and barrel of ale we had on hand, before delighting us with some of their finest ditties.

All in all a lovely way to celebrate (the first) 10 years of this thing known as The Magnificent AK47.

Thank you to all who make it possible, in particular Chris Samuel our Belov├ęd ChoirMeister, Big Chief Bill and the team in the Inner Circle and Neil B for much doing of things including the general organising, decoration and exhibition.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Magnificent Blokes

A very BIG THANK YOU to all who made our Magnificent Man-Sing for Men United such a special event yesterday.  

The large numbers who turned up for the workshop and the enthusiasm of the audience for a wide range of male vocal talent will be a treasured memory amongst so many.

Till the next time...!

Saturday, 6 October 2018

TODAY is the Magnificent MASSIVE Man-sing

The time has finally come to celebrate singing in lower registers - there may well be some tickets still available at if you haven't got yours already for what should be a great day for all involved.

And for the final time, hear more about what is shaping up to be an awesome event of singing in lower registers in this helpful video.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Magnificent MASSIVE Man-Sing - 1 more sleep

Spookyness, Magnificents and so much more - our Magnificent MASSIVE Man-sing is going to be a real feast of singing in the lower registers and features such a fabulous array of vocal talent and is  only one sleep away now!

Looking forward to seeing all our friends, old and new, on the day.  Tickets still just about available from - but not for long!

Hear more about what is shaping up to be an utterly awesome event of singing in lower registers in this helpful video.

Magnificent Men United with added Spookyness

He is calling you to be at the Magnificent MASSIVE Man-sing... he is the prophet who sings with lower registers, he is Bah'ri Ghibb??  

Not quite...  For anyone who has been interested in Georgian-inspired polyphonic male harmony singing these past 10 or more years or festival goers around the country will instantly recognise this fellow - he is the SpookMeister himself, leader of The Spooky Men's Chorale, the granddaddy of BlokeSong, Mr Stephen Taberner - and he is rumoured to be appearing at our event this Saturday.

Tickets are still available from - but hurry, not long left now!

Hear more about what is shaping up to be an utterly awesome event of singing in lower registers in this helpful video.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Passing the baton

A somewhat nervous looking "Young Geoff" (but he's never good in photos...) receiving the baton from "Our Gar" as the "March 4 Marcher" hands over to the "March 2 Men United" walkers.  

The route looks something like this:


Thursday 4th Oct - Ashton Keynes, The White Hart Inn to Rattlebone Inn, Sherston - approx 17 miles
Setting off around 9am the planned route heads towards Crudwell to pick up the historic Fosse Way as early as possible finishing with a detour off that famous route to refill water bottles and finish the day at The Rattlebone Inn, Sherston

Friday 5th Oct - Rattlebone Inn, Sherston to Bristol & Bath Railway Path 
- approx 16 miles
Returning from their overnight recuperation the blokes intend to set off again to get a good full day's yomp to the outskirts of Bristol with an overnight stay with fellow choir members.

Saturday 6th Oct - Bristol & Bath Railway Path to St George's Hall
- approx 6 miles - starting 9am 
Walking along the impressively renovated route from the outskirts of Bristol to St George's Hall and fitting in a decent lunch to ensure they are able to fully enjoy the workshop and very special Gala Evening event.

Come and join us for the last leg from The Bridge Pub at 9am on Saturday 6th Oct - there is parking there but you will need to sort any logistics yourself.

Find out more and about how you can donate at