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More dates now in the calendar for the New Year of 2019.... see below for more details.

Note most of the dates for 2019 are confirmed but some still have some details to be confirmed (tbc).

Next Events
We LOVE our special events, going beyond the usual, plotting various extra special adventures, and we have plenty in store as you can see from this list.

See our Google Calendar 

It will help you to see way into our future and you can subscribe and receive updates on your SmartPhone or dooberrywhatsit.

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Other stuff from previous years
Dates from 2016 should be lurking here.
Dates from 2nd Half 2015 should be lurking here.

Dates 2014 + 2015 first half should be lurking here.

Page Last updated:  Sunday 13th January 2019 but Calendar constantly updated
Change:  Updating Rehearsal dates & next & previous gigs info - pretty much as you would expect on this page really.