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We just have this page as a recollection of some of the amazing things we have done as a group, and it is quite a list.


Sun 16 NovTMAK47 Boot Camp 10:00-17:00Venue Bradstone Sports Ground Pavillion
Sat 22 NovPhoto Session 14:00-16:00Stroud


19:30 Fri 17 Apr

TOUR Cornwall 2015

St Mabyn Church
Tickets from
Audrey Cooke
01208 841607 / 07902 946074

19:30 Sat 18 Apr

Previously planned gig in the

St Columb Major Church is sadly not happening

19:30 Sun 19 Apr

TOUR Cornwall 2015

St Minver Church
Tickets from 
Newsline Rock
St Minver PO
Julia Treglown
01208 862802 / 07815 987172

Thu 30th Apr

Stone Circle

Stonehenge Wiltshire

19/20/21 June


Wiltshire - see Website for details

More Gigs

Many, many other dates are "works in progress", more soon(ish).  Some info below.



Sun 18 Jan

Bradford Roots Festival

Bradford on Avon

Sat 31 Jan

Voices Now - London

The Roundhouse The London!

Sat 28 FEB

Assembly Room, Town Hall


Sat 9 & Sun 10 May

London Roundhouse

The Roundhouse, London again and what an event

Sat 16 May

Our BIG LOCAL GIG of the year with The Croutons

Stroud Subscription Rooms
Fri 22 May

Our other BIG LOCAL GIG of the year with Swindon Scratch Choir

Swindon Arts Centre

Sat 4 July

Another BIG LOCAL as part of BoA Fringe festival with The BellefleursSt Margaret's Hall Bradford on Avon

More coming, even though the diary is indeed full till June next year....

Rehearsals scheduled in  2015
More sessions to be scheduled.  See above for details of next and Calender below for some more info.

DateStart Time End TimeLocation


Wed 14 Jan19:3021:30Ashton Keynes School Hall (booked)
Sun 8th Feb17:0019:00Back Room, The White Hart pub, Ashton Keynes
Sun 01 Mar17:0019:00Back Room, The White Hart pub, Ashton Keynes
Wed 11 Mar 19:3021:30Ashton Keynes School Hall (confirmed)
SUN 15 Mar 17:0019:00Back Room, The White Hart pub (confirmed)
Wed 18 Mar 

NOT happening
Wed 25 Mar 19:3021:30Ashton Keynes School Hall (confirmed)
Sun 12 Apr17:0019:00Back Room, The White Hart pub, Ashton Keynes
Wed 22 Apr19:3021:30Ashton Keynes School Hall 
Wed 06 May19:3021:30Ashton Keynes School Hall 
Sun 28 Jun17:0019:00Back Room, The White Hart pub, Ashton Keynes

See our Google Calendar  
It will help you to see way into our future and you can subscribe and receive updates on your SmartPhone or dooberrywhatsit.


Other Workshops of interest

No others at the moment, move along, but do let us know of any.


In 2014

Sat 1st November in Cirencester Bingham Hall
as part of a fund raiser with other local groups.

Fri 17 Oct Bristol Festival of Song
with the Stepford Singers, St Francis' Church, North St, Bristol

Sun 12 Oct
Song Raids Bristol

Sat 4 Oct
Wold Tour
 Ashton Keynes then various local locations

Pow Wow 2014 Sunday 14th September
We had a bit of a "Grand Day Out" for the Pow Wow including  visiting a recent new haunt of ours and the new musical phenomenon of "Windmill Serenading"!

Our very own singing "boot camp" - BlokeFest  Fri/Sat/Sun 13/14/15 June

Our first international gig Friday 30th May 2014 Singing with Strumpets at the Chapter Arts Centre in CARDIFF, Wales
Tuesday 27th May 2014 

Saturday 24th May 2014 

Wednesday 14th May 2014 
Thornbury Arts Festival

Saturday 12th April
We hosted a Swedish Choir, Celinkoren, in the Gateway Centre on the Spine Road - starting with food at the White Hart to 5pm then on to the Gateway at 7pm

For the evening, the blokes brought bottles of their preferred tipple and cheese to share! We have decided, rather than puds to have a selection of ENGLISH CHEESES (cracking idea Gromit!) to entertain our visitors. Whether you're a Stilton man, a Double Gloucester kind of guy or just a really fine, organic Cheddar chap bring a chunk 'o cheese to the party - if you want to get exotic with some Cornish Yarg or a Blue Wensleydale that's fine too, but fortunately no Caerphilly or Brie (even if it's made in Somerset) - this was an English cheese night.

Bread and crackers (and some Gluten-free) were provided, plus a spot of quince jelly and a speciality chutney or two.

The blokes did a couple of sets on the night, premiering our version of "Fix you" and a couple of new Georgian pieces.

Thursday 6th March 2014

We organized a "Master Class with Malkhaz Erkvanidze", one of the top people in the world of Georgian singing who has been at the forefront of the revival of Georgian folk and medieval sacred music for the past 25 years.

The event was held on Thursday 6th March in the Ashton Keynes School Hall, opening around 19:15 and starting around 19:45 and because this is a special event and we need to cover his costs by a special one off Master Class ticket cost of £10 per bloke, £5 per Mini-Bloke (kid).  Non-blokes are welcome to attend but because of the nature of our all bloke group we have asked that he focus on pieces more suitable for our range.

Saturday 8th February 2014
It was only at one of the South West's biggest venues . . . Colston Hall in Bristol supporting the enormous Gurt Lush choir.

We organized a bus, sorry, coach as we had a full dress rehearsal before the gig and returned with much singing, some of it actually not too bad, after.  It was indeed a Big Day Out, and one to cherish for a long time.

Saturday 11th January 2014
We were very honoured to be invited to perform at the Wiltshire Music Centre in Bradford on Avon as part of Bradford Roots Festival - full details here.

In 2013

Thursday 12th December 2013 - The White Hart, Ashton Keynes, 19:30 - onwards - Beer & Carols
Another event that we have been invited back to, which means that it is getting to be a traditional part of the Yuletide Festivities round these parts.  Singing of traditional and not so traditional Carols in a very "relaxed" (some might say, boisterous) setting.

Saturday 7th December 2013 - Wadworth's Brewery, Devizes
We were delighted to be asked back to perform at  The Winter Beer Festival at Wadworth's Brewery Centre.

Sunday 20th October 2013 - St George's, Bristol
We were delighted to be asked back to this fantastic festival and internationally renowned venue for the third year running.

Show starts some time to be confirmed - For Ticket information and other details of this cornucopia of song visit the festival's website  

Friday 11th October 2013 - Cirencester Sundial Theatre 

This Autumn's BIG Local GIG at the Sundial, Cirencester 

Show started 19:30 - Tickets were available from the venue's website  http://www.sundial-
Sunday 29th September 2013 In The White Hart, Ashton Keynes, 17:00 - 19:00
A full workshop session with our belovéd ChoirMeister to fine tune before the on coming gigs.
Workshop and POW WOW (AGM) Sunday 22nd September 2013
In The White Hart, Ashton Keynes, 17:00 - 19:00
Another full workshop session with our belovéd and back from long absent ChoirMeister. There will be a sense of urgency to get existing pieces up to scratch and to polish up the new ones.
Pow Wow (AGM) will follow the Workshop followed by a group meal.  For more details, see email deluge.

Sunday 15th September 2013 In The White Hart, Ashton Keynes, 17:00 - 19:00

A full workshop session with our belovéd and back from long absent ChoirMeister.

Sunday 21st July 2013 - Cirencester Sundial Theatre 
We have been asked to perform in support of "The Spooky Men's Chorale".  Click here for more details .
Saturday 22nd June 2013 - Roundhouse Sing Like a Bloke workshop in the London
We have been asked to perform at the world famous London Roundhouse as part of Sing Like a Bloke session being run during "Voices Now" Festival - click here for more details.

Proper recording in a proper recording studio 30th June 2013 
Another real experience to be experienced to capture that unique sound of those tricky harmonies for posterity.

Weekend of 14th - 16th June 2013 - "BlokeFest"
The ultimate Bloke adventure into BlokeSong, exploring the lower depths of musicality and all things Bloke will be back, (slightly) bigger, (slightly) hairier, (slightly) tentier, (slightly) singier and with even more activities to make it that ultimate weekend for Men.Singing.And Stuff.   See
Sunday 9th June 2013 - Tobacco Factory in Bristol
We have been asked to perform at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol - we will be HEADLINING! (Which basically means we get to stay up late on a School night).   Click here for more details .

Saturday 25th May 2013 - Chippenham Folk Festival
Taking part in their Sea Shanty event - more details to follow.

Saturday 18th May 2013 - performing Hope Cider Festival, 16:00 onwards
Performing as part of their fund raising efforts - a few more details from their poster.

Friday 17th May 2013 - Stroud Brewery, performing 19:30 onwards
The official World Premier of our specially modified homage to Edward Beard Budding, "Unsung Hero" along with a collection of our other ditties whilst entertaining the throng at the Friday beer pickup night.
Weekend of 11th - 12th May 2013 - "Wold Tour"
Mini adventure, mini tour round Wiltshire singing in pubs called The White Hart and walking up hills with White Horses.  This lived up to it's promise and was VERY exciting - already being described as "this generation's Magical Mystery tour, except much better"!

Saturday 2nd March 2013 - Singing for Laughs, Marlborough
Another annual event.  Match report here.

An Ashton Keynes double-bill the like of which not seen for many a year . . .  Those Magnificent Men and those Lovely Ladies team up again for an evening of song and laughter (at us, not them!).  First reports here, Full Match report coming.

In 2012

Thursday 13th December 2012 - Cirencester Christmas Market, 17:00 - 18:00
When we were invited to perform at Cirencester Christmas Market.

Thursday 13th December 2012 - Ashton Keynes Beer & Carols, 20:00 til later
We we were invited back to perform at Ashton Keynes Beer & Carols evening at The White Hart in AK.

For match reports, click here 

Kait & Keith's Wedding Saturday 6th October

Some more info can be found at this blog post.
Pow Wow 2012

We'll get round to listing previous Events (eventually)

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