Sunday, 8 May 2011

Next batch of Dates - rehearsals and Gigs - May, June & July 2011

Here is a proposed set of dates for upcoming manoeuvres

Flying Solo + Singing with The Siren Sisters - Sunday 29th May
This will be the day of the 3rd Ashton Keynes Music Festival Gospel Rehearsal at Holy Cross Church 4:30-6pm for anyone interested, see previous emails.

We plan to hold a full rehearsal 7:15 to 8:30 in the Church to experience the accoustic and atmosphere, and also to hone our singing whilst operating without our Choir Meister. This should be viewed as a full Rehearsal for the Village Voices event, ie we will have to self conduct and be confident doing it.

Plan is to finish off by crashing The Siren Sisters rehearsal to spend 30 mins running through "Big Spender" with the ladies. Finish about 9pm for post sing pint.

Sunday 5th June 5-7pm for official full Dress Rehearsal, props and all, with Chris and then planned attendance at Open Mic. If need be we'll muster the troops for flying solo if Chris can't stay on.

Sunday 12th June we might do the same in the other pub or round someone's house, just to be honed to perfection (ahem!)

Thursday 16th June - Performance at AK Music Festival Village Voices - we'll struggle through without you Chris :-( - thought was maybe we could reprise Big Spender with The Siren Sisters with Graham conducting but us "spicing it up" a little bit

Sunday 19th June - Performance at AK Music Festival Best of the Fest Family Prom - Just a fabulous day out, all sorts of great music, with the Big Brunch Band and much more. We are allocated to do a little something with Chris conducting in the 16:15 to 17:15 slot.

Monday 20th June - Corsham Festival - This is ON.

Bit of a break from TMAK47 activities until the start of the Spooky Men's Chorale Tour. There might be some semi-organized "Spooky Stalking" as I'm sure a lot of us will want to go to some of the gigs, the Bristol one being a special target. More later.

Sunday 23rd July - THE Spooky Do - we'll cook up a few little extras as well for what will be a very special night.

We will do a reckoning re Subs as we may need to invoke the "Term 2 option" with promise of more dates for Workshops in the Autumn but I will discuss with our Financial Meister and counter of pennies.

Please let me know if you have any significant problems with not being able to attend and keep practising.


High Command

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