Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Magnificents go International!

What do you get when you mix  four ladies in red from Wales with an indeterminate number of blokes in black from darkest North, North Wiltshire?

A crackingly good show for one thing and plenty of innuendo laden jokes for another.  Either way it marks a huge landmark for our gallant fellows with our first international adventure as we venture across the Severn Crossing towards the land of our fathers and source of much of our set material.

We shall be joining forces with the lovely ladies of A Fanfare of Strumpets at the rather lovely looking Chapter Arts Centre in the heart of the capital of Wales, Cardiff no less. 

Apparently there are still a few tickets left so prize yourself away from your sofa for the evening and award yourself a top night out with a bunch of blokes and ladies, and possibly a large meal afterwards at the Happy Gathering Chinese Cuisine in Cardiff Canton.

Find out more the Arts Centre website
and more about the ladies from

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