March 2 Men Utd

Inspired?  Ambitious??  A great idea???  It's a bit of all of these...

Prompted by a facebook posting by Prostate Cancer UK suggesting the idea of organizing their own "March 4 Men", two members of The Magnificent AK47 are planning their very own "March 2 Men United".

Geoff Spooner has recently had a "brush" with Prostate Cancer and Neil Burston saw the facebook posting, had a look, and after a bit of pub talk mulling over the idea, they have come up with a concrete plan to walk from the spiritual home of their inspirational singing group, all the way to their Big Gig and Magnificent MASSIVE Man-sing in aid of raising awareness and funds for Prostate Cancer UK.

Geoff is an experienced walker and Neil a keen cyclist who recently completed a 100 mile in a day cycle ride for charity and as they say "we're not getting any younger and we've both recently had cause to thank our lucky stars and want to do something for others not so fortunate, even if it is only symbolic and for our own experience - if we can raise a bit of profile and donations along the way, even better".

So, inspired by a bit of Laurie Lee and 'As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning', inspired by a shared love of maps, exploring and a bit of a mini challenge, the are planning to cover the ground over the course of two and a half days.

The route looks something like this:


Thursday 4th Oct - Ashton Keynes, The White Hart Inn to Rattlebone Inn, Sherston - approx 17 miles
Setting off around 9am the planned route heads towards Crudwell to pick up the historic Fosse Way as early as possible finishing with a detour off that famous route to refill water bottles and finish the day at The Rattlebone Inn, Sherston

Friday 5th Oct - Rattlebone Inn, Sherston to Bristol & Bath Railway Path
- approx 16 miles
Returning from their overnight recuperation the blokes intend to set off again to get a good full day's yomp to the outskirts of Bristol with an overnight stay with fellow choir members.

Saturday 6th Oct - Bristol & Bath Railway Path to St George's Hall
- approx 6 miles - starting 9am 
Walking along the impressively renovated route from the outskirts of Bristol to St George's Hall and fitting in a decent lunch to ensure they are able to fully enjoy the workshop and very special Gala Evening event.

Come and join us for the last leg from The Bridge Pub at 9am on Saturday 6th Oct - there is parking there but you will need to sort any logistics yourself.

If you would like to join in for part of the walk, email

If you would like to donate, please visit their specific Just Giving page at or donate via the main The Magnificent AK47 Just Giving page.

Good luck on their "March For Men", as 2 Men, United!

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