Sunday, 8 December 2019

Beer & Carols 2019

Yes, it is that time of year again, when all the blokes try to remember all the parts of all those extra carols we don't sing except for this event...

As ever, expect a packed pub overflowing with song and fine ales.

Aim to get there in good time to find a spot and get your round in and then join in the hearty community singing, with a few extra special pieces this year...

The main singing should start around 8pm.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Our Thanks giving for Johnny

What a wonderful evening of song celebrating a wonderful bloke of song!  

All involved in our November Thanks Giving gig raising funds for The Donor Family Network to celebrate the forty (and counting!) years of extra freedom and life it has given a very special member of our group, one Johnny Mayell, basso profundo extraordinario.

Well over £400 was raised on the night from just the lapel pins and collection bucket and more to come from the tickets.

Thanks to Corinium Community Choir for being such fun and we all enjoyed singing with them immensely.

Monday, 4 November 2019

Help us sell out the Sundial as Thanks Giving for 40 years of Johnny

Hello!  It's been a while... things have been outwardly quiet on the Magnificent front but that is about to change as we crank back into action at one of our most regular haunts... The Sundial Theatre in Cirencester.

This concert will raise funds for the Donor Family Network, a charity which supports families who have lost a loved one who has donated organs for transplant, and at the same time raising awareness of organ donation and the NHS Organ Donation Register.

And we have much to thank this amazing organisation for, in the shape of the small but (otherwise reasonably) perfectly formed Mr Johnny Mayell, has been one of our brothers in song these many years at BlokeFest and The Magnificent AK47.  He in turn is indebted to one such family who made it possible for him to undergo a successful kidney transplant in 1979.  Forty years later Johnny and the kidney are still going strong!

We have already sold out the venue and they have put more tickets on sale so please try to come along to what should be an emotional and memorable concert, help us sell it out for a second time (!) and raise lots of money for a great cause.

Tickets are available from

If you can’t, but would like to make a donation to the Donor Family Network, Johnny has set up a Justgiving page at

Monday, 23 September 2019

Beer Tasting on a Thursday Night

Says it all really - good on Freya and Seb at The White Hart for putting this on having been suitably encouraged by one or two blokes from the group...! 

Education for all (over 18!).

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Sun. Sea. And Singing. At LymeFest 2019

Another rather Magnificent weekend down on the South Coast at the LymeFolk Festival - casting long, black shadows and nearly spelling something!

Thanks to all who came and saw us and said such nice things about our performances.

More photos and info can be found at and

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Sea-side singing ahoy!

Fair warning to all the fair folk of Lyme Regis, that this day they will be invaded by the Be-blackened Singing Hordes from the North (North North Wiltshire branch) of Those Magnificent Singing Blokes from Ashton Keynes.

Quite a line up to enjoy!  Should be a cracker.

Full details at

Friday, 30 August 2019

The Costwold Distillery incident

It's fair to say that we had rather a pleasant time at our first trip to Cotswold Distillery and their festival... flags were fluttering, we lumbered around the place, blackening the scene with our outfits and purveying quality BlokeSong at every opportunity and location, without the aid of amplification.

All good fun indeed, topped off by a decent spot of nosh and a darn good sing-song in a pub not too far away and more or less on the way home.

And the "incident"...?  We'll draw a veil on that for now until it is lost in the myths of time...

Thursday, 15 August 2019

The Magnificent AK47 in another distillery...?

A rather wonderful line up including The Magnificent AK47 popping up around the place and propping up the bar.

The Magnificent AK47 ...? In a Distillery...? With our reputation...? Should be a Grand Day out for all.

Hope to see you there.

Full details at

Sunday, 11 August 2019

A Spooky Summer of Love

It is with no little sadness that we mark the passing of another summer of Spookyness.  Very much a case of sad they have left us, but glad that they came.

Many of us had the good fortune to see them once or twice and marvel at their acute harmonies and utter daftness and sheer deftness of performance, teasing us with plaintive songs about the modern, much-muddled, male and many others.

If you are not familiar with their oeuvre, then venture towards and and all other places and you will not be disappointed.

Truly inspiring stuff.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

He is the effervescent choir leader extraordinaire, CyberSinging enthusiast, Pop-up ChoirMeister and  creative genius behind two Magnificent BlokeFest classics that we have wholeheartedly adopted ("Alone in my Shed" and "Man flu") and our very own, specially commissioned (first) 10th Anniversary Song "Bloke", and he is coming to Ashton Keynes tonight to lead a summer session whilst our belovéd ChoirMeister Mr Samuel is away with the Spookys.

What does he have in store for us?  No one knows (probably not even himself).  Will it be something to remember?  Most definitely.  Will there be a spot of popping into The White Hart to rehydrate afterwards?  Only time will tell but be warned and be there after 9:30pm if you wish to witness the consequences of letting Roger loose with a bunch of singing blokes...!

Sunday, 30 June 2019

BlokeFest Brilliant (again)

What can we say that hasn't already been said by anyone who attended "BlokeFest Up North"?  Nowt...

It was yet another fabulous weekend of bonhomie and beautiful singing, some of it even in the bar.

Thanks to all the Blokes who made it happen and quite so brilliant - here's to next year - an anticipation that brings a smile to one's face at the mere thought.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

BlokeFest is calling us North

It might go a little quiet around here for a wee while as Magnificent activities tail off for the summer and other things take up our time, such as trogging up North for BlokeFest.

This inspired annual gathering of the clans of BlokeSong is hitching its Big Top and pitching in the very lovely locale of Ilkley, being hosted thanks to some regular BlokeFesters from thereabouts.

Its sure to be a cracking affair so we will provide a post match review in due course.

Till then, keep singing in the sun!

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Rattlebone Postponed

Sadly despite it being a lovely late Spring day today the anticipation is that it is going to proverbially rain cats and dogs and possible frogs tomorrow so as the gig was due to be conducted largely in the Open Air the decision has been taken to cancel our scheduled performance due to or owing to the bad weather forecast*.

Sorry about that.

* any grammarians care to enter into a convoluted debate about the good/ungood aspects of the previous sentences will be encouraged to fill the time we would have otherwise spent singing...

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Returning to Rattlebone

They say "never, go back, never seek to repeat your previous glories", well we ask, "what to 'they' know?"!

It's a cracking good pub, we had a lovely time when we first performed there, they clearly enjoyed us because they've asked back (and they didn't have to!), it's not too far away, and they serve quality food and ales...

What's not to like?

Even the weather might have perked up by the time we get there to lower the tone -

Friday, 31 May 2019

Magnficent Pewsey

Reports have come back of a rather splendid time that was recently had in Pewsey in aid of fund raising for a local charity.

Photographic evidence has emerged, but accurate memories are still a little "hazy" so it may take another posting to fully surface, but suffice to say "a Magnificently good time was had by all"...!

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

High jinks and low notes

They're at it again... The Magnificent AK47, singing in alehouses across Pewsey?  In aid of raising funds for a well known local charity?  

With their reputation...? 

Whatever next?  

A darn good night out for one and all in aid of a good cause by the sound of it...

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Didn't we have a loverly time, the day we went to... Portsmouth!

To misquote the bards of Fiddler's Dram, didn't we have a loverly time, the day we went to... Portsmouth!  A Grand Day was had by all the blokes, so much so that we have even made a short video to commemorate the day for your delight and edification of what goes on during these sort of days - all wholesome fun and much singing, in case you don't to see for yourself, but it would be nice if you do have a watch, it's not that long and very tuneful!

As has been said before in many emails, thanks to all who made it possible and all the blokes who made it such brilliant fun.

Click on the image or follow the link here to the video and enjoy the moment.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Portsmouth Ho! We're bound for South, South England

We hereby give fair warning that our multi-award winning blokes will be invading the world famous docklands of Portsmouth this coming Saturday, singing near the water, on the water, and possibly under the water.

Our multi-hatted singing machine will wend its way from South South Gloucestershire & North North Wiltshire and is scheduled to pop into the following locations throughout the day

HMS Alliance, Royal Navy Submarine Museum, Gosport
Waterbus to Portsmouth
HMS Warrior & HMS Victory, National Museum for the Royal Navy
Only "The" Mary Rose
Curry at TJ Mahal, Southsea
Then for some "Afters" at the Barley Mow,
39 Castle Road Southsea PO5 3DE where we will be joined by some singing friends

Please warn anyone you know in the vicinity. 

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Top night in AK topping £1,000 raised

A Big thank you to everyone who made our return to the Ashton Keynes Village Hall such a HUGE success with well over £1,000 raised towards the funds to repair the hall floor.

It was an emotional evening for many of us, not having sung in front of a paying audience in the hall for more years than we can remember, but the blokes sounded on top form, in part because of the inspiring performance given by our fellow Ashton Keynes singers, the lovely ladies from Siren Sisters.

And what troopers they are!  They were missing one of their regular members and then on the day one of their key ladies was too poorly to perform, but the remaining Sirens still managed to pull out a superb set of close harmony and vibrant vocals, ably assisted by Heather Milnes on piano and with a guest slot from Caroline Harper singing a spine-tingling version of Skyfall.

The hall was rammed, the bar was busy and the "Afters" Pub Singing was one of the best and longest for quite a while.

A final thanks to all who came along to support us and to the Village Hall Team who beavered away behind the scenes.

All in all a rather Magnificent evening.  

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Village Hall Gig tonight SOLD OUT

Just to let anyone interested know that tonight's concert by The Magnificent AK47 & Siren Sisters in aid of the Village Hall Floor Repair fund is SOLD OUT.

If you are lucky enough to have a ticket, please note the performance is due to start around 8pm but the Doors (and bar!) will be open from 7:15pm onwards.

Also, fair warning that there may be some singing Afters in The White Hart following the show...

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Selling out with Siren Sisters

We are very pleased to say that we have very, very nearly sold out the Ashton Keynes Village Hall Floor Fund Raising gig two days ahead of the event.

There are only a few tickets left online and will be operating a waitlist when they are gone in case any become available.

Here's to another great night celebrating our community with two top talents from the village.

See if you can still be one of the lucky ones by scooting over to

Friday, 29 March 2019

Sassparella tonight!

And a final reminder that we will be performing in that there Bath with the very delightful Sassparella in a return return match.   

We sang with them in this venue a couple of years ago and everyone enjoyed the event so much that they wanted to do it again in The Sundial ( and everyone enjoyed the event so much that they wanted to do it again again!  

So, we look forward to Saturday's event and what happens next.

Some tickets still available last we heard - enquire via

Gulls done good!

It was great to be in the Tetbury Goods Shed, back by popular demand, last Saturday, with a pretty much packed out theatre and very appreciative audience.  It is a lovely place to sing and a really great team running the place, full of very enthusiastic staff who really got into the "Magnificent Mood" (as you can see below).

And it was particularly lovely to be singing with the ladies from The Gulls, all the way from darkest Kernow - they are a joy to behold with their self-proclaimed love of singing together as a tight nit group.  Their self-penned "Handbags are a girl's best friend" being a particular highlight amongst many others.   We are already looking forward to singing again with them down in Cornwall the next time we venture down there.

Wishing them all our Magnificent Love as they were touched by sad news on the Sunday, but we are sure their spirit will carry them through - till the next time ladies, we raise a glass (or two) to your good health! 

Johnny Coppin Says

A "brilliant Wiltshire choir"?  That's very nice to hear, as are we on occasion... 

We've always said he's got great taste that Johnny Coppin.  Read more about the fella at

Friday, 22 March 2019

Friends of Fisherman's Friends special Friends

With due deference to the original film that has just come out this week, we would like to stake a tenuous claim to fame about the story of Fisherman's Friends, given that we have bumped into several of them on our various trips to Cornwall and will be singing with The Gulls (who also hail from Port Isaac and have a more than passing acquaintance with the nautical singers) this coming Saturday night at the Tetbury Goods Shed.

In honour of this tenuous link, a bunch of us ventured to one of the Cinema Houses in Swindon to watch the film and the general consensus was that it is a really loving homage to the fine fellow from Kernow and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  Roll on our next visitation down there!

Here you can see Neil B + Geoff S + Mark T resplendent in their Magnificent T-Shirts, with Geoff admiring the selection of overpriced confectionary / displaying his Tour T-Shirt from the last time we visited.

A dwindling number of tickets to see us in action with The Gulls are available at

P.S. Thanks to our ArtMeister for the Magnificentyfied image of the original promo for the film.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Gulls Ahoy!

We probably ought to mention the fact that we are in action again with the very lovely The Gulls from down Kernow way this coming weekend over in the very lovely Tetbury Goods Shed and then afterwards in the Bar of the very handily close Royal Oak for a bit of "Afters".

We believe some tickets are still available via where it clearly states 'Back by Popular Demand the Magnificent AK 47' and follows up with 'Original, eclectic material, songs of life and love, often with hilarious laughter and just a touch of amateur dramatics guaranteed to put a smile on your face, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and leave you with tears of joy and empathy towards the rigours of being a new age man in the 21st Century.'  

Sounds rather good!

Hope to see you there.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Fabulous Lansdown

Stroud... fabulous, quirky place, full of choirs and singers.  Lansdown Hall... fabulous performance space in the heart of Stroud, full of audience.  What a fabulous evening in a fabulous space full of fabulous people!

We had a full house with a very appreciative audience for our second gig of the year, and a more than half decent performance from the blokes, even though we didn't say so ourselves because lots of people there said it for us.

All topped off by more than some half decent "Afters" and a particularly appreciated few jugs of ale from the landlady to appreciate our singing.

All in all, a fabulous night out for all.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Roll up to Lansdown!

A gentle reminder that we are back in action this coming Friday night in the lovely Lansdown Hall in that there People's Republic of Stroud, to serenade the locals with our tall tales of daring-do and metaphor-laden angst about so-called masculinity in the modern age.

Prepared to be moved to tears, hopefully for good reasons of mirth or melancholy and at the right moments, so please bring your own hankie and we look forward to providing you with much thought-provoking entertainment and rich, manly harmonies from across the border with North North Wiltshire.

Tickets can still be purchased from but are of limited supply so don't leave it till too late to secure yours.

The sound of Singing in the Shed

Listen and marvel at the sound of a few dozen blokes singing a piece they learnt literally minutes before at this year's "Singing in the Shed" and prepared to be moved by the loveliness of the heartfelt harmony.

Some of you might recognise one or two familiar faces from the ranks of The Magnificent AK47 and other well known choral groups that have been known to congregate at the rather wonderful BlokeFest.

Click on the link above or visit or click here to visit the BlokeFest Videos gallery to judge for yourself.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Singing in the Shed 2019

Today is the day a few of our blokes will be venturing Northwards for the first time this year for a singing weekend, but hopefully not the last... next time it will be "proper" Up North at BlokeFest (Up North)

They are on their way to the third "Singing in the Shed", erstwhile gentlemen's singing weekend inside a bit shed - more info can be found at

Don't forget to pack your copy of the BlokeFest MAN-ual, currently available for download from to help you remember all those songs to sing!

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Didn't we have a loverly time, the day we went to Hullavington

A belated thank you to all who braved a pretty chilly night to get to Hullavington Village Hall, but inside there was a very warm reception for our motley band of scurvy dogs, even when we tried to squeeze in "off to the Hullavington Arms" into what normally only scans into two syllables!

The audience were a lovely lot and very appreciative and we were duly appreciative of their appreciation - big love in all round really.  Nice early start to the gigging year.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Back in the saddle... Boot Camp time again

With our first gig of 2019 literally hours away now, it's back in the saddle for the Blokes to re-visit their finest works from 2018 getting them honed for the New Year.

To start with, we have our Boot Camp on Sunday 6th in the Ashton Keynes School Hall starting for 10:30am till later.  Blokes to bring their own refreshments and enthusiasm for a flying start to the New Year!

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Hullava start to the year - a gig in Hullavington

It's an early start to the gigging season, but hopefully we can find a forgiving audience in the Village Hall of Hullavington in Northish Wiltshire, not so far away from our birthplace of Ashton Keynes, although many Magnificent AK47 aficionados could argue that Hullavington place a not insignificant role in the group's actual genesis...  It's a bit of a shaggy dog story, as the saying goes, but bear with us a moment or two, and we'll explain.

Legend has it that back in 2007 a villager from Ashton Keynes was attending the Sidmouth Folk Week and was persuaded by his wife to attend the "Best of the Festival" intro show whereupon they witnessed the sonic and visual marvel that is The Spooky Men's Chorale.  Once recovered from the initial impact, the pair ventured to the official "CD signing session" (remember CDs?) and struck up a conversation with a fellow who claimed to come from a place called Hullavington... other conversations ensued and lives were changed by what eventually morphed into The Magnificent AK47.

Anyway, not to distract you further, but more tales will be told at the actual show, so without further ado, here's a direct link to purchase your tickets for the event and we hope to see you there.