Saturday, 30 August 2014

Back to School!

As we rapidly approach September it is indeed back to school for us as we return from the Summer recess, re-invigorated, raring to go and prepare for another bumper Autumnal season of Magnificent Adventures.

And we will quite literally be "Going back to School" as one of the continuing improvements to the way we do things is the introduction of Midweek Workshops on some selected Wednesday evenings, planned to be held in the Ashton Keynes School Village hall. 

This will take us back to our very first gathering over six years ago now and will provide us the opportunity to squeeze in some extra rehearsal time, which has been a constant request pretty much since we started!

In order to make the most of those sessions we have re-jigged the way we hold our Practice Pieces and these can now be found at - current members will be allocated a login and prospective members* will also be granted access to plunder this treasure chest of all things BlokeSong to help them get up to speed.  You might also like to download the Box app for PC or SmartPhone to help you play the material or simply download and transfer to your favourite MP3 player - all very modern and hi-tech but it saves some poor soul having to bang out CDs that then get out of date.

And do have a look at the Dates Page to familiarize yourself with the list of events and maybe even subscribe to our Google Calender for

We look forward to another grand season of Magnificent Adventures with The Wold Tour and several other highlights to come.

*Please note - The Inner Circle have let it be known that we are open to Blokes who attended BlokeFest and therefore familiar with upcoming material letting us know that they are open to being invited along for consideration of membership - please contact for more info.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Shed Fest Success for The AKsionals

Festival fun on this latest Bank Holiday Sunday included the further adventures of The AKsionals who were pressed into action this weekend when our valiant lads ventured forth at the aforementioned "Shed Fest" at The Potting Shed pub in nearby Crudwell.

Everyone of the dozen or so blokes made the trek from SN6 to SN16 did so with some trepidation given a lack of rehearsal time and one or two late withdrawals, but like the experience troupe that they are they were able to circle the proverbial wagons and bond together for a final impromptu run through beneath some trees opposite the pub.  Despite still being drowned out by the noise of the band that was currently occupying the stage, the lads knuckled down to their preparation and managed to add two more songs their set whilst drawing a modicum of applause from a passer by, which buoyed their spirits before the show.

Storming the stage in front of a sizeable audience the blokes were their usual total contrast to other acts performing during the course of the afternoon.  They regaled the crowd with tales of fine Wiltshire yeomanry, dry stone walling, Vegetable growing contests, singing heartfelt ballad to the event's (rather nervous) lady organizer and rounding things off with a rousing Georgian toasting song.

The fruits of their labour can be heard on the tracks on the Soundcloud playlist below, and they show evidence of comments from long suffering family members that they sounded "not bad, all things considered"

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

NOT alone in our Shed at Shed Fest

So, as we are not known for passing up a chance to unleash our inner minstrels it has to be admitted that we were somewhat disappointed that we were not able to perform at the first "Shed Fest" being run by top notch local hostelry, The Potting Shed in nearby Crudwell.  One of our number did venture along and can barely remember the majority of the visit after "testing" one too many ales!

However, that is about to be remedied with the offshoot and outlet for unfettered BlokeSong that is the rabble affectionaly known as "The Magnificent AKsionals" who are due to be in action at the 2nd "Shed Fest" this coming Bank Holiday Sunday.

Even without many of the regulars Magnificents, recent outings at the World War 1 Commemorative Event and the latest rehearsal show promise for this subset of the main group.  It also provides a great excuse to dig out one or two lapsed numbers from our repertoire and introduce one or two new ones, all for the love of performing our unique style of singing and to be paid in "proper" Beer Tokens!

Do see if you can make it along to support the chaps and enjoy a grand afternoon out in the late Summer sunshine (fingers crossed!).  The blokes should be on around 15:15 or so and would welcome your support at the location on the map below.


Saturday, 9 August 2014

We will remember their names

Well, that was quite an evening to remember!  

Everyone who was present at the World War 1 Commemorative Event in Cirencester Parish Church this Friday 8th August 2014 witnessed an extraordinary piece of musical theatre.

Linked together in a narrative that weaved monologues, poems, action scenes along with some seriously brilliant vocal performances, the evening raced by as we were transported back to the heady first days of the war through to its culmination.  The whole show had been put together in two days by the absurdly talented youngsters from MJ-UK Music & Arts and was full of drama, famous tunes and staggering facts about what people went through during that momentous period of history.

Lending a hand were The Magnificent AKsionals, a motley crew of blokes plucked from the ranks of the The Magnificent AK47 regulars and Swindon Scratch Choir, who managed to transform themselves from never having rehearsed together three weeks ago to being a very creditable sound.

"Dad's Army" references might be a little unkind as our valiant lads more than did themselves proud when surrounded by the young talent, and the chaps contributed superbly with some heart rending performances of their songs, opening with a stirring, yet controlled version of "Blood and Gold" and following that with an emotional rendering of "And the Band played Waltzing Matilda", with some tremendous solos and duets.

"Only Remembered" was the final piece of the evening and was quite spine tinglingly good with the hard work learning harmonies thoroughly paying off - a very fitting way to close the show.

Not that you need to take our word for it, you can hear for yourself by visiting the links to the recordings of the lads in action.

Everyone who took part should be rightly pleased with themselves and the tremendously dramatic show they produced in such a short time.  A very fitting commemoration of the events of so long ago - they shall not be forgotten.