Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Next is AK Fest

This village...  SO much to do, so little time...

We are less than one month away from the biggest thing to happen round these parts since the last time the Ashton Keynes Music Festival rolled into the village, except this time it is not just a music festival, there's arts as well and loads more.

We are on the Wednesday 28th taking part in the Village Voices a celebration of singing in the village.

Read about so much more and get tickets before they disappear at

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

What we did on our Mini-Tour

It feels like a very long time ago already when we set of for the "Deep South" on our Mini-Tour, but here in glorious technocolour is a selection of some of the best bits of our trip.  No doubt many more photos exist but they will escape into the wild in their own time.

Here we are, the "South" Van prepares to leave with due ceremony - there is always one stealing the show and it is quite often Lars...

Arriving at our first stop at the Fleet Air Arm Museum (we know people and there were lots of fascinating machines for the engineeringly inclined) our tour mascots Mini(on) Bob, Little Chris and Mini(on) Kevin look to be enjoying themselves.

Separated at birth?  We sang under one of these pointy objects....

And here we are at our first gig of the trip at the beautiful St John's Church in Totnes where we sang with the equally beautiful Glorious Chorus - cracking show and fantastic "Afters".


On our way from Devon to deepest, darkest Cornwall, Kevin and Bob and their namesakes stop for a photo at Minions.

Soon after a member of our crew was seen making a break for it...

But eventually after yet more food we made it safely to Port Isaac and our first show in Cornwall at the Village hall there.

Accompanied by the lovely ladies from Gulls who put on a great show for us and sang us their very own version of Nothing Like a Bloke dedicated to little old us.

We even made a (fishermen's) friend or two with another glorious "Afters" session with Gulls and their special friends.


And we started singing early in the morning - their mum (who was conducting Gulls) loved it, her two older daughters were not so sure, having absorbed those warnings about strange men singing to you early on a Sunday morning in a caravan park...

After a brief spot of exercise and singing to youths on the beach it was time for another well earned spot of nosh and chance to enjoy some more fabulous Cornish hospitality, as witnessed by a very happy Tour Organiser.

And the singing continues with Gulls in action at The Waterfront in Polzeath, cracking venue.

With many men gazing on, enjoying the show...

Although there are "concerns" we could be viewed as a "Tribute group" - but that is nothing to be ashamed about as it is a terrific ale...

Only to be matched by trying one or two others for as you can see there was a lot of singing to be done and as we know, 'tis thirst-making work

And finally, a Magnificent video made for us by Chris at Soundview.


Friday, 5 May 2017

Off to da 'minions

We are off to Devon, Cornwall and Somerset with these two characters as tour mascots because?  Because we are going to Minions among other places...!

Have a look at the Calendar on our Dates page for more info.