Thursday, 28 September 2017

Black Sheep Union

Us...?... With another group of lovely singing ladies...?...  In a very modern high-tech venue in the centre of Keynesham, near Bristol...?...  This coming Friday night...?...  With a sheep leitmotif...?...  With our reputation...?...  What could possibly go wrong??!

You'll just have to jaunt over via your hypertext link purveyor to the Black Sheep Harmony Ticket outlet and grab your tickets whilst you still can to find out.

Once you've done that you might like to have a peruse of our partners in song for the evening at and a bit more about the venue at

And expect a few early "fireworks" at the end...

Monday, 11 September 2017

Back to School

Hopefully all the blokes will be re-invigorated and ready for getting back into action for a packed Autumn and into the Midwinter.

Forthcoming highlights include:
  • Singing in a massive resonant space in Birmingham Central Station
  • Recording a new LP's worth (ask anyone with grey hair kiddies...) of, er, recordings
  • Performing with two lovely lady choirs at our three gigs
  • Another big gig in Cirencester's Sundial Theatre
  • Getting in the mood for Yuletide with some singing in the pub
  • Thinking about going to Cork Festival next year!!
And no doubt there will be more as we bring a close to Year 9 of Magnificents and brace ourselves for celebrating our 10th year of lowering the tone with our high jinks.

And to get back into gear we are literally going back to School with our first workshop back in Ashton Keynes School Hall, Gosditch.