Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Gird up your loins for BlokeFest 2016

Practicle advice as ever from Brother Bill H, resident ArtMeister at the Magnificent Website, about how to prepare for BlokeFest.  (And have a look at the rather wonderful collection of poster works at whilst you are about it)

For more advice about this fantastic event visit their FAQs and OAAQ (Occasionally Asked Awkward Questions) at

All very sensible stuff hidden in amongst the Magnificent and Blokey daftness...

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

In an English Country Garden

We like the odd event to accommodate our 30 odd blokes (some very odd) and this is an excellent example...

We will be performing something, after or around 4pm, somewhere around the Gardens at Belcombe Court, a stunning Grade I listed Georgian house situated in Bradford-upon-avon, six miles from Bath in Wiltshire.

More info, lifted from

"From March until October, the British Red Cross is organising an open gardens event where you can visit over 200 gardens across the country. 

We at Belcombe court are proud to be opening the private gardens to members of the public as part of this event to raise funds for the Red Cross. The gardens will be open on Sunday 22nd May from 2pm - 6pm at £5 per adult and children under 12 will be able to visit for free.

Around the garden and in the barn, there will be specialist plant stalls, garden related stalls, and various delicious food stalls open for you to enjoy as well. 

For more information, please visit:"

Monday, 16 May 2016

Their Song

Featuring one or two Magnificent blokes and sure to be an interesting evening.

More details about StroudSong can be found at

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Sound of Magnificent salty sea dogs

And me lads be of good cheer for our next gig will soon draw near... and to celebrate the lads being in action tonight in that there Brizzle at the rather lovely Folk House, here is the sound of them launching into "Whip Jamboree" accompanied by the sights of nauticleness as crafted together by our very own MovieMeister.

The gig is with the rather wonderful and fun bunch of blokes that are The Roaring Trowmen, top quality shanty crew (although they do other stuff too.

The show will culminate in a unique collaboration between them, from the great sea-faring port of Bristol, and us, a bunch of blokes from darkest land-locked North, North Wiltshire - a culture clash of titanic proportions (if you will forgive the sailing ship pun).

Tickets available from Skiddle

Sunday, 8 May 2016

A Magnificent Happy Birthday Isambard Kingdom Brunel

We recently went to the fair city of Bristol for a Grand Day Out to visit the SS Great Britain.

Whilst we were there we serenaded the great man himself, the genius of Isambard Kingdom Brunel who just happened to be celebrating his birthday.

Witness a suitably Magnificent rendering and his gracious reaction at

And come and see us in Bristol again this coming Saturday 14th May, in action with top local Shanty crew, our big pals, The Roaring Trowmen.  Should be a top night out.

Full details and links can be found at

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

How do you get men singing? Aaargh, that be easy!

A simple question, "How do you get men singing?"

It's trickier to answer...  But one of the ways we have very successfully found in The Magnificent AK47 is to unleash their inner minstrel, inner comedy pirate, inner poster designer and inner video maker, all through the medium of BlokeSong. 

And then do all this in public, ideally with other men!

Much as we are with the rather excellent The Roaring Trowmen, they of flat-bottomed working boats from Bristol way and good friends of us and that there BlokeFest where we spent many an hour last June singing the nights away and we hope to repeat at this year's event.

But before that you can see us all in a fantastic double bill at Bristol's rather lovely Folk House.  Tickets available from Skiddle


Sunday, 1 May 2016

Get your kit off...

Yes, it's time to get your kit off those shelves it's been sitting these long months now, check your pole and other tackle, and make sure it ready for action at this forthcoming BlokeFest as it is only just over one month away.

Now is the perfect time to ensure that your camping gear is still up to muster for the annual gathering of BlokeSong that is the Fifth Glorious Year of BlokeFest.

And for those local lads, what better tip than to suggest you nip down to Cotswold Outdoor at the end of the Spine Road nearby to Ashton Keynes, the finest purveyors of all necessary accouterments (and many totally unnecessary but none the less desirable) for the highlight of the summer which is the annual jamboree organized by our kindred spirits.   Some fantastic bargains to be had that will help save your valuable cash so you have more to spend on other things, like getting a round at the aforementioned festival.