Thursday, 30 July 2015

Sound advice from The Axis of Spook

Well, we hope those who were at the awesome Spooky Men's Chorale gig last night in Bristol's Colston Hall have managed to come down off the ceiling! 

To help ease you off a Spooky high we offer a couple of photos from last night and a some sound advice - Wear your wonderful "Axis of Spook" T-Shirt with immense pride and make sure you wash it inside out to preserve the wonderful work of one Bill H.

Spooky Phil R and Bates do a quick hat check (above) as the mighty Axis of Spook assemble behind them (below).   More pics as they come back from the developers.

And another nudge to have a listen to the rough recording from the performance.

Spooky, Magnificent, AWESOME

Well, what can we say...?  2015 has been a pretty epic year already on the Magnificent front (our first tour, starring roles at Voices Now at THE Roundhouse, singing inside the inner circle at Stonehenge) and now many of us singing with The Spooky Men's Chorale as we return to the Colston Hall.

And what an awesome sound the 180 strong troupe made for the final pieces before the encore.

Not bad for one rehearsal - think what they could do with a couple more . . . (sounds of plot hatching).

Judge for yourself.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Shhhh... Secret Axis of Spook pop-up choir uncovered, possibly

Spotted and snapped as evidence by an undercover reporter in a secret location in a major conurbation in the South West of England, a number of Magnificent AK47 blokes were seen consorting with around 170 other so-called "singers" preparing by stealth for something happening somewhere at some point in the very near future (at least at time of writing it was in the future).

The fact that the Spooky Men's Chorale were also seen in the vicinity and they are giving a concert in the same said city the same week can merely be construed as co-incidental fact.

We can say no more other than if you book to come to the gig via the website at, you may see something along these lines ....

But remember, you didn't hear this from us, right?

Friday, 24 July 2015

They're (nearly) here

They are indeed very nearly here.  

One more sleep maybe, until the awesomeness that is The Spooky Men's Chorale of the UK 2015 Tour is unleashed on the world.

Only then will we know what they have been up to for the last few weeks, days and hours beavering away at learning new pieces to enthrall us, amaze and entrance us.

Love them to bits for their sonic sensibilities and scenic silliness, they have to be admired for being just a top quality embodiment of all things simple yet genius.

Stop your life and go and see them this summer or regret it forever.

Find out where you can see them from

Hear them at 

Enjoy and treasure them wherever you can.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Magnificent year so far, Spooky Summer ahead

We can't help feeling a little pleased with ourselves within the small world of The Magnificent AK47 because 2015 has so far, been "more than quite good" to re-quote(ish) one of our number.  

Not that we are getting above ourselves but landmarks like our show stealing at The Roundhouse, our very first multi-date international tour, being on TWO national radio stations, several sell out gigs and the part we played in THE best ever BlokeFest.  

Anyway, more soon(ish) when we conduct a more extensive mid-year review and announce what we are plotting for later in the year, but for now we can all feel a little chuffed with ourselves in having brought a little something special into the world as we settle into our summer recess and brace ourselves for another Spooky Summer as the Big Daddies of BlokeSong, The Spooky Men's Chorale, lurch back into the UK.  More info from their website at

More very soon, but do brace yourselves!!

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Sparks to fly in the sky again??

After the AMAZING electrical storms we had round this way last night we ask ourselves, "will there be a similar lightning and electric performances tonight at St Margaret's Hall Bradford on Avon when The Magnificent AK47 take on The BelleFleurs?".

Let's hope it is as spectacular as the heavenly showcase and that the sparks fly.

See what you might be in for with the latest video from our very own VideoMeister.

ome tickets still available from Wiltshire Music Centre, 
Box Office: 01225 860100 - come and help us light up the skies!