Thanks for vising us here at our ancient and much admired Blog dedicated to our Magnificent Man Moments, where we mutter about our adventures and our rehearsal dates and a few other social bits and pieces.

In fact, we have over 500 postings about our adventures, so quite a treasure chest of all things Magnificent going back these many years.

If you want even more Magnificent stuff then swing by our main website at for more pictures, photos and other goodies.

Our thanks go to our talented ArtMeister Bill H & dedicated Webmeister Neil B who laboured long into the night to get things created, set up and shuffled around (to use their techspeak!) and have done a great job.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our little world and please get in contact with us via the many (some luddites say too many) mechanisms that can be found on our Social Media Contacts page.

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