Thursday, 26 November 2015

It won't look like this tomorrow...

A solitary bloke pretending to be the audience last night in the Sundial Theatre as he puts the Magnificents through their paces ahead of the Big Gig on Friday.  

He may be a bigger than average personality, but he can't quite fill all the auditorium, but on Friday night he won't need to because well over 200 others will do it for him!

We are Sold Out on the regular capacity with only 5 spaces left on the additional seats on the floor in front of the stage.

If you haven't visited and reserved your ticket, you have probably left it too late.

Here's to a MONUMENTAL night's entertainment.

We're on the telly!

Well, sort of...  We are featuring on a big screen that looks like a big TV to our technologically unsophisticated eyes, and we are indeed featured on it  with a picture and everything.

The said screen is displayed prominently in the Sundial Theatre where we will attempting to grace the stage this coming Friday 27th.

And this will go down in our annals as "The show that keeps selling out"... After selling out the initial allocation of over 200 seats the venue have released 30 more and most of those have now sold so we are looking for a particularly packed house.

Just as well then that we had a full dress rehearsal last night to get used to the location and how to assemble the "man line", which is harder to do than it might look, as we regularly proved last night! 

We also have some fabulous staging to add to the scene and we are certain people will be very impressed by our inventiveness and ingenuity - special thanks to Andy E as PropMeister and all his hard work. 

Those few remaining tickets available from - it's going to be MONUMENTAL.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Scooch up!!

Are you "Norman Nomates" or just a spare person looking for a great night out?  Either way, we have the show and venue for you, for now...!

But only just.

There are quite literally two places left for our gig at the Sundial Theatre in Cirencester this coming Friday 27th November in the regular seating and only 8 left in the additional seats that have been, er, added.

The message is clear, book now or face disappointment of experiencing a double helping of Magnificents and witnessing our new CD entitled "MONUMENTAL" being unleashed.  

Friday, 20 November 2015

A week to go... Have we been photoshopped?

We are just about one week to go before we unleash a MONUMENTAL evening of song and serious silliness on a somewhat suspecting public with a double helping of Magnificents.

The blokes are busily honing their act, remembering songs we haven't sung for a good while and buffing up a whole host of new ones, the like of which no one has ever seen or heard from us before.  The show will be the culmination of months' of work since we gathered at BlokeFest way back in June this year and began the journey learning the newer pieces.

We have a bunch of aural and visual tricks up our sleeve to thrill and entertain as well a couple of new pieces that will tug at your sensitive side and one that might even scare everyone (a bit).  

And our splendid new compact disk "MONUMENTAL" will be officially unleashed, to much excitement within the group.  This is a marvelous musical artifact for the discerning aficionado of BlokeSong, and and has been a truly Monumental undertaking, having been the best part of two years in the making.  More later.

And the "photoshopping"?  Apparently the printers thought the above photo so ingenious and incredible that they thought it had been "photoshopped", ie faked!  We are here to right this wrongful assumption and affirm that there is nothing "fake" about The Magnificent AK47, it is all genuine "as you see us", as you can witness for yourself at our live shows.

Talking of which, a final nudge that tickets have been selling really well indeed to the point where if you don't get yours by the end of the weekend you are likely to not be able to get one so please avoid disappointment and visit

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Shining lights in Magnificent-land

Shining a light on the inner workings of those Magnificent men and their well oiled singing machine, we grab the inside scoop from a recent rehearsal at a workshop in darkest North North Wiltshire.

And what a scoop it is!  Yes, the blokes will be taking to the stage of the Sundial Theatre this coming Friday 27th November and will be lighting up the night, quite literally.

Although this is clearly big news, we can't reveal too much information other than to say if you go down to the woods today or your local DIY store you're in for a big surprise - they may well have sold out of torches.

But fear not, all will be revealed at the Sundial as the blokes unleash their treasure chest of new songs, some full of beautiful, sensitive and delightful singing, and one or two new belters.

Hurry over to where there are a dwindling number of tickets left to snap up, but only if you are quick and if you are coming, let us know so we are forewarned via

Friday, 13 November 2015

Magnificent MONUMENTAL

At last, we can unveil our new Magnificent CD entitled "MONUMENTAL", and a monumental master piece it is.

The CD is the culmination of an epic couple of years for the group and is very much a double helping of Magnificence, being quite literally in two halves.  Difficult to do on a CD you modern young people might say, but no, it has been done with old fashioned guile and cunningness and no little studio trickery.

The album features tracks lovingly recorded in Mooncalf Studios in the summer of 2013 and our stand out show (among quite a few) of our career so far when we blew away a packed Bristol Colston Hall 1500 strong audience with our tales of the challenges faced by men in the 21st century and other ditties.

These have been blended together in one continuous stream of material, that without any false modesty, we can say is really rather good and a very worthwhile listen.  

All this has been wrapped up in a quite superb package with astonishing artwork from our resident ArtMeister, one Bill H, with shots from our visit to the Inner Circle at Stonehenge earlier this year.

More will be revealed in the run up to the launch event in a couple of weeks' time where copies will be on sale at the Sundial Theatre this coming Friday 27th November.  Tickets still available from

Thursday, 12 November 2015

If you go down to the woods today...

... you're sure of a big surprise!  

For one thing you might find a bunch of blokes in the company of a bunch of teddy bears, gazing longingly at their heroes (that's the teddy bears gawping at their singing heroes you understand).

As you can see from the sports equipment in the background the lads have turned their back on their spiritual home and regular rehearsal space in favour of a gym.  No, only kidding (as you probably guessed) but they have been doing copious warm up exercises and lots of limbering up for their next gig in a couple of weeks' time.  

They have also been learning quite a lot of new songs (at least 5 likely to make the revamped set) ahead of their Monumental Big Gig at Cirencester's Sundial Theatre on Friday 27th November.

Tickets still available at - but still going briskly so avoid disappointment and don't delay getting yours.

And the teddy bears??  All will become clear on the night - but you will have to be there to find out.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Magnificent CartoonMeister strikes again

The Magnificent CartoonMeister strikes again, this time in the medium of moving pictures!  
He has been beavering away to incorporate the latest master works from our venerable ArtMeister advertising our forthcoming Big Gig at Cirencester's Sundial Theatre this Friday 27th November of a Double Helping of blokes.

Not only is there motion but much emotion with a stirring soundscape that represents what is going to be a truly MONUMENTAL evening.

Tickets still available via

The inspired and inspiring video can be found at