Thursday, 20 June 2013

200 Up!

Who would have thought when we started this "thing" that ended up being called THE Magnificent AK47 that we would end up having a website, let along a blog that has now been going for over two years, and that we would still be going strong that the blog thing would be going even stronger at 200 postings!  Not us for one. . . 

So, for fact fans everywhere, here are some Magnificent facts:

200 postings in 800 days(ish) the blog has been going = 1 posting every 4 days or so - pretty good for a bunch of pot-bellied blokes from North, North Wiltshire - who would have thought there was that much to say . . . in truth we have such a backlog of material it is quite shameful, but we'll get over it, and get round to it, eventually.

More facts - we have had :

T-Shirts across the globe
Our very own spoof action figure
Two calendars
One Wold Tour
2 sets of T-Shirts
2 BlokeFests (Woo Hoo!)
2 proper movies
2 Spooky Gigs
So many of our own gigs we ran out of fingers and toes counting

And we are still going.  
Here's to many, many more hours of fun.


Saturday, 15 June 2013

Why don't men join choirs . . .

If you were ever to casually google the phrase "the magnificent ak47 guardian" then from yesterday you might well come across this piece in The Guardian involving our very own beloved Choir Meister blabbering to the national press about the joys of song among grown ups, and in particular those of a blokey kind.

This must pass as our first mention in national press so could be considered up there in the "quite exciting" category of all the great things we have done in the past few years.

Of course this comes as no secret to us and our loyal readership, we know only full well the huge number of benefits from joining in and singing, there is the prevention of m..., um, what was I going to mention??  

Anyway, you can't put a price on the sheer back of your neck hair raising experience that is singing to a room full of people whilst wearing a wig or a series of hats so that even your own mother would be hard pressed to pick you out from the crowd, even though she would be gushing with pride at the part her offspring was playing in making such a sonically spectacular sound.

Yes, we know a thing or two about men singing, and will continue to do it, despite the stigma and the hurdles we have to overcome.  All power to your elbow Chris!  Sing on!!

Friday, 14 June 2013

BlokeFest Starts today

So, the wait is finally over, we have packed our kit bags, checked that we still have a tent that needed repairing last time we used it, but it should survive, won't it??  The second annual event of the largest 
gathering in the BlokeSong calendar in the UK is about to take place.

Unusually for an English Summer the weather is not looking too good so the organizers are recommending that everyone bring brollies and wellies.

Cheering up though, there is the prospect of meeting up with chums from around the country, learning old songs and new songs, meeting new blokes,  all with a dash of ale and general bonhommie.

Hopefully the rain won't dampen the spirits of the Father's Day Late Lunch and all will be well.

For much more information you should visit their  informative and amusing website.

Upon arrival the blokes will be able to snap up the rather marvelous BlokeFest souvenir T-Shirts and Pint Glasses and we are sure there will be many more reports to be had in the forthcoming days and weeks.

Now, where did I put my Duct Tape to repair the tent?  

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Headlining at the Tobacco Factory, Bristol

Hot on the heels of a well earned "weekend off" to reacquaint ourselves with family and friends after quite a bit of activity on the Magnificent front, we are back in action on Sunday night.

Evenings out on school nights can be a little tricky for those of us who have to get up on Mondays and need our beauty sleep but we'll manage somehow.

Recently the blokes have been in fine singing voice and equally good hat wearing form and who knows what might be adoring their head come Sunday.

Easily the best way to find out will be to actually be at the gig in this prestigious venue in Bristol.

We might manage some posing by the S.S. Great Britain earlier in the afternoon so watch out if you are about for blokes in black T-Shirts sporting Stove pipe Top hats, but probably not smoking cigars, they have to look after their larynx!

Everyone who attends and contributes will help raise funds for a great cause to get people singing at the fabulous Bristol Festival of Song, who have been great supporters of us, so we are delighted to be helping them.

Go to the Tobacco Factory Website by clicking here to book your tickets now!

Optional hat wearing for the audience members.