Saturday, 28 March 2015

Magnificent Cornwall 2015 Mini-Tour

Those of you in the know will, er, know that we are off down south on our inaugural "Magnificent Cornwall 2015 Mini-Tour" in just a couple of weeks.

We are planning to be performing at three proper shows plus one or two more spontaneous events along the way.  We will let you know more about these in due course but just to get you going here is a tour poster as provided by our glorious ArtMeister, one Master Bill H, to keep you going and by way of a down payment.

So, warn the folks down that part of the world that we are coming and make sure they trundle along to see us by getting ticket as follows:

Friday 17th April at St Mabyn Church
Audrey Cooke
01208 841607 / 07902 946074

Saturday 18th April at St Columb Major Church
Edyvean Printers, 24 Fore St,
St Columb 01637 880347
Canon Edward Pruen, The Rectory 01637 880252

Sunday 19th April at St Minver Church
Newsline Rock
St Minver PO
Julia Treglown
01208 862802 / 07815 987172

More information about the other events and pubs where we will be singing in the next posts.

In the meantime if you would like to get up to speed with Cornish songs you might be interested in this selection that can be found on our Spotify account Playlist (very modern indeed!).

Thursday, 26 March 2015

What is the Magnificent connection between this week's Folk Show and The Magnificent AK47?

Anyone get the right answer?  

Perhaps not any easy one but next time you will know as we build up to another big trip to the Big Smoke in May for a couple of very Big Nights out singing with some top choirs.

It is Sam Lee and Voices Now!

Check out for Sam's performance along with real birds at (and also - interesting stuff preserving culture...)

Monday, 23 March 2015

Friday Night is Shanty Night - special event

In preparation for our sojourn to Cornwall we are holding a very special "Friday Night is Shanty Night" in Land locked Ashton Keynes with very special guests The Roaring Trowmen all the way from the Port of Bristol.

We know one of their member from many years at BlokeFest and we have finally persuaded them to venture inland to tell us tall tails of tall sails and what the sea looks like so as to better prepare us for venturing to Cornish shores in April.

If you would like to join us then blokes and non-blokes young and old are invited along to The Bradstone Pavilion just on the outskirts of the village for about 20:00 for an hour or two and then most likely back to The White Hart for a final swift half before an early night (some of that last sentence may not be entirely accurate).

If you are not from round these parts The Bradstone and The White Hart can be found by clicking on this Google Map and hope to see you there.  

If you do come along, please email us at to let us know you are coming as we will provide some nibbles and there is a BYO bottles bar and a whip round at the end to pay for the hire of the room.

Should be a great night out - see you there.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

From Cat herding to Reindeer herding - A Magnificent Tour awaits

Manoeuvering the lumbering mass of man-ness that is The Magnificent AK47 when out and about around the countryside can be quite a logistical challenge.   30+ blokes muttering about not singing enough / having to sing too much, being hungry / being overfed often within the same breath and occasionally from the same bemused bloke.  It can be quite a challenge for the harangued so-called (semi) organizers.  

But maybe no more...  our inspiring CartoonMeister has recently come up with a suggestion of controlling the gang through the medium of song which combines with the opportunity to sneak in some practice.  Genius!

And this technique is likely to be called upon as the blokes embark on their first long weekend outing on a Mini-Tour to Cornwall this coming April - more info soon.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Singing Saturdays at The Oxford Union

That time has come around again when you have another chance to learn some stunning songs in a stunning location, this time in The Oxford Union.

Registration at 9:30am and more information at

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Friday, 13 March 2015

Creative old arts

We have occasionally been accused of being a bunch of "creative arts" and now we have proof in the guise of the latest edition of the local magazine Ripples.

One of their intrepid reporters ventured across the county line to interview one of our chief spokesblokes and managed to get most of the facts right, see if you can spot the slight misquote (hint: it was the Sidmouth festival rather than Siddington - with a slight over emphasis on the local angle).

The full article can be found in the latest editions at

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Malmesbury Sell out

As anticipated, our gig at the Malmesbury Town Hall was sold out and a Magnificent time was had by all in the beautiful hall.

The Croutons gave yet another example of what you can do with just three voices once you combine them with very talented individuals and great arrangements of songs.

After a brief interval the blokes could be found loitering around the stage to good effect, reducing one or two members of the audience to convulsing wrecks (in a good way) as the comic moments and deep tones washed over them.  Chris our belov├ęd ChoirMeister appeared to particularly enjoy himself as he relieved some of his childhood moments growing up round Malmesbury and was able to have an excuse to dress up as a pirate leader in public.