Saturday, 27 August 2016

The Magnificent AK47 undaunted by "act of God" at Stroud Fringe

Bizarre scenes at Stroud Fringe this afternon...   Firstly the blokes felt like caged animals as they warmed up to the side of the stage (witness mild mannered Trevor H and Jim climbing up the rails), then, just as we had finished our (rather ropey) soundcheck the most almighty thunder clap and lightening strike occurred on the nearby church...

Maybe because we had been rehearsing there only minutes earlier...

You can hear the full experience here...  Don't play it too loud, you will damage your speakers!

Friday, 26 August 2016

Back in action, despite being poorly

By rights it shouldn't be allowed, we should be resting, calmly in a darkened room, with a damp hanky on our furrowed, fevered brow, with our dearly beloved attending to our every considerable need.  

But no, the public demands our presence, they said, you're not so poorly that you can't drag yourself out to do it in front of all those people.

So, despite our better judgement and against medical advice, we are being lured out of our summer slumbers to unleash yet more new material on an unsuspecting public this coming Saturday in The People's Republic of Stroud, at their very own Stroud Fringe.

We are due to be performing at 13:45 (precisely) on the Bank Gardens stage, slap bang in the middle of town - details can be found at and even more details can be found at

Hopefully we will find some of you, dear reader, loitering around to hear our latest masterpiece by that devilishly clever songsmith, our very own Top Bloke, Roger Jackson, veteran workshop leader at BlokeFest.  He has penned a plaintive ditty about the trials and tribulations and slings and arrows of being a bloke who is sick, but not receiving much sympathy - a song that has struck a chord within the group - can't think why...

As demonstrated by Brother Matt, we will soldier on manfully, even though some of us are suffering, from "Man flu"

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Happy Birthday Bill

A (slightly belated) Happy Birthday for our saintly (can you see his "halo"?) and beloved ArtMeister, bass rumbler and general all round top bloke, Mr Bill Hicks celebrated in song as only The Magnificent AK47 know how to do...