Friday, 30 September 2016

The Magnificent AK47 ride back into town for this year's Pow Wow

Lock up your drinks cabinets, The Magnificent AK47 are back in town!

Those rootin', tootin', hollerin' and cahootin' reprobates and "Plunders of the High Seas and Low Notes of BlokeSong" are back in the neighbourhood and all self-respecting village folks should be afeared for their exploits.

Luckily, they are really quite a nice bunch of blokes and only prone to high spirits, beyond those found in public house optics, in the form of singing in public whenever no one can quite stop them in time.

And so they will gather for for this year's Pow Wow, a thinly veiled AGM (but don't tell those of an operationally and administratively averse nature) with the blokes lured to a Workshop then forced to remain, possibly have a glass or two, and hear blokes waffle on about what a great year it has been (no really!) and what great plans we have for next year (and even beyond... yes, indeed).

It all kicks off after this coming Sunday's workshop in the Back Room of The White Hart Inn, so expect controversy, bitter in-fighting, and petty rivalries aplenty - but that's just to work out who's round it is, you understand...

Monday, 19 September 2016

'Tis that time of year again, ahaaar!

'Tis widely known across the Seven Seas that thar be one or two of the motley crew labouring under the black flag of "The Magnificent AK47" who do enjoys donning the occasional items of fancery on the odd occasion, and oftimes even in front of their publics...  And pirate outfits are always most popular for the donning with especial glee whenever those scurvy landlubbers get to singing a Sea Shanty or two.

And taking this just one peg leg step beyond, it is beholding on us to remind 'ee, in case it had somehow slipped off your calendar, that it is International Talk Like A Pirate Day this very September 19.

Thar be a whole treasure chest of jewels and general web booty that can be unearthed over at the a number of those new fangled devices that be known as websites dedicated to this daft notion at and, so put on your Pirate hat, stick your hand in your fake hook and start singing this particular song or this  other daft ditty or even the one recorded by some able hearties at BlokeFest 2015 Cabaret - all together now you swabs!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Naughty choir (old) boys who can actually sing...

Evidence that inspiring place can produce inspiring performances.

Bath Abbey's multi-second reverb meets The Magnificent AK47 in one of their more sensitive moments...

We few, we Magnificent few

It's been quite a busy week for the blokes these past seven days, and it has taken its toll...

First there was the excitement of dressing up as pirates and leading the parade at Lyme Folk Festival down to the seafront stage and wowing the audience with their daring-do and many hours of philandering round the town spreading the joys of BlokeSong and pubsong (more later).

Next up was Thursday night in Bath, a hot and steamy evening that half a dozen nearly missed out on because of traffic problems, but eventually made it along to give a very "contrasting" performance to the rest of the show at the amazing acoustic that is Bath Abbey (more later) and some wonderful street singing for "Afters".

Now a crack squad of blokes who can be "spared" for another day are hauling themselves out of bed on a Saturday morning to beetle up to Birmingham to re-join the gang at Voices Now.

We wish the few who can make it well  and hope they enjoy the day, and are careful they go to the right workshops as the thought of the blokes from The Magnificent AK47 inadvertently ending up in a "Singing with Movement" session by mistake is not going to be a pretty sight, although it might do them some good....

More info about another amazing Magnificent day can be found at

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

We're only singing in Bath Abbey!!

Who would have thought?!  Little old us, from darkest North, North Wiltshire, The Magnificent AK47, the "Sound of Testosterone", "The Harnessers of Thunder and Lightning", performing at one of Great Britain's most celebrated Abbeys...  Well, 'tis about to happen.

We will be performing for the Dorothy House Hospice to help celebrate their 40th birthday with a concert and service of thanksgiving at Bath Abbey on Thursday.

Doors open at 7pm while the concert starts at 7.30pm. Entry is free to all and no tickets are required.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

A Magnificent time at Lyme Folk Festival

A very big THANK YOU to the organisers and all the visitors at Lyme Folk Festival today who made us feel so welcome and came along to enjoy our many performances around the town and sea front.

More pictures can be found at and hopefully more to come soon.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Wending down South for the weekend to Sing Like a Pirate

And here we are... on the verge of another landmark event in the annals of Magnificent places we have sung... 

We've done concert halls, grottoes, caves, castles, windmills, ancient monuments, preaching circles, cliff tops and now finally a stage by the sea!

Tomorrow also marks our first participation in a Festival Parade to entice the audience along to our show by the sea and thence to our "Sing Like a Pirate" Workshop.

Here's our timetable in case you can make it along 

(Ignoring the horribly early start for Day Trippers...)

10:30 – Start to assemble as close to Langmoor Gardens & the top of Broad Street as possible 
11:00 – parade down the seafront
12:00 - NOON – performance on stage
13:00 - Fast lunch then
14:00 – WORKSHOP lead by Chris Samuel helped by The Magnificent AK47 at Langmoor Marquee just above the seafront stage, in the gardens, on top of the By the Bay restaurant
15:00 - After that you are into "Afters" territory and who knows what might happen

Enjoy the festival if you are coming and do pop along to say hello.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Seaside sojourn

Brace yerselves, Dorset!  The Magnificent AK47 be heading down south to teach you survey seasiders how to do a proper Pirate song or two...!

Yes, taking the proverbial "coals to Newcastle", those daring swashbuckling blokes from North, North Wiltshire are invading the quiet fossil town of Lyme Regis to sing them songs about deepest, darkest doings in the Upper Shire and also regaling them with tales of being tossed on high seas.

  • 11:00 – parade from Langmoor Gardens & the top of Broad Street down the seafront
  • 12:00 NOON – performance on stage on the Seafront
  • 13:00 - grab some sustenance
  • 14:00 – "Sing Like a Pirate" workshop by Chris helped by us at Langmoor Marquee (for the workshop) is just above the seafront stage, in the gardens, on top of the By the Bay restaurant
  • 15:00 - who knows what will happen after this...

  • We very much hope some of you may be able to join us for what should be very jolly do.

    More info about the festival can be found at