Monday, 26 February 2018

Carry on up The Albert

The legend that is The Prince Albert, in that there People's Republic of Stroud, with the legends that are The Magnificent AK47...?  For an evening of subtle humour and high jinks...?  With the group being "paid" directly in Beer Money...? And the audience have to pay to get out...?  What could possibly go wrong?!

Here's to the lads' first official gig of the year (after their first "unofficial" one the other week, more later).

Early arrival and arranging to not have to drive home is advised for all the usual reasons.

More info from their website at

Friday, 9 February 2018

How do The Magnificent AK47 make such a big sound?

We are often asked by other choirs, jealous of our thick, rich, creamy "bottom end", how we manufacture that magnificent noise that is the "sound of testosterone".   

The answers simple really, to capture that sound that awesome, we use Big Mics.

Prepare yourself for sounds of giants.... 
Gigantic - coming to a music playing device near you soon.
#alt.mvc at its best.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The "Feet Mystery" revealed, a bit

The mysterious posting from the other day is revealed!  But to explain, there is a good reason for it...

It all happened during the recording of our "tricky" second LP (Long Player, google it kiddies) in an effort to keep the blokes nice and comfy and not make the floorboards creak too much, although there are suspicions that it might have been knees making that noise at the Boot Camp.

"And how did it go?", you ask, well, we'll find out soon when we all hear the playback, but suffice to say, some of it was quite Magnificent, if not Gigantically Good.

Thanks to Bill H for the pic and cartoon.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Just what the Magnificent heck is going on here?

It was just a regular Saturday afternoon but some strange things are happening in the Ashton Keynes School Hall... gigantic things, even

An explanation will follow... as soon as we have one!