Sunday, 19 June 2011

Awesome Village Voices

We have to say what a great evening we had at the Ashton Keynes Music Festival's Village Voices event.

We were flying solo in public performance for the first time so it was with nervous trepidation that we undertook to assignment but we needn't have worried. Whisper it quietly so as not to ruin our reputation, but all the extra rehearsing we have done recently paid off handsomely. Egged on by a very encouraging audience the Blokes rose to the occasion, singing and acting up to great effect.

A prize must go to Jon Hughes who managed to forget his pirate outfit but found a model sailing boat to hold for the performance of "Haul away Joe"! (Although he should be fined for not remembering the correct props). Another highlight was Martin's penguin falling off his arm because he was waving it around so much whilst he was conducting.

We've all had so many complimentary remarks about the show and are looking forward to the Family Prom and then Corsham on Monday. It's all go.

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