Tuesday, 19 July 2011

First Sighting of the Spookys

A couple of our number were very fortunate to be in the audience in St Georges Hall in Bristol last night to witness the Black Behmoth in action for the first time on their tour.

The hall is famed for its phenomenal acoustics and it made a great setting for the Spookys and they were on top form. A considerable amount of new material was performed in the second half and there were so many of the classics which even having seen them many times now, and listened to them many more, are still as amusing and enthralling as ever.

Being a Magnificent, we all know how hard it is to sing, dance, look spooky, goof around and harmonise all at the same time (despite the inner ability for males to multi-task) and the Spookys make it look too easy whilst sounding quite sublime.

Seek out as many opportunities to see them and their ever changing line up by consulting http://www.spookymen.com.au/gigs-2011uktour - a number of Magnificents have mentioned about going to Didcot to see them and also the penultimate gig at the Arts Centre in Swindon is a must.

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