Saturday, 6 August 2011

Where were you when wearing?

Announcing our very own T-Shirt Competition!

Thanks to Chris and the T-Shirt Inner Circle Working Party we now have some Magnificent T-Shirts to wear with pride around the place whenever the opportunity arises (and some times when it doesn't).

So, what better idea than encouraging this sort of behaviour by holding our very own T-shirt competition? All you have to do is take a picture of someone wearing The Magnificent AK47 T-shirt somewhere, preferably with some indication of where you are as proof.

Points will be awarded accordingly for the following categories

1. The Location - the more "interesting" the better
2. The Pose - the more pompously grand the better
3. The X-Factor - the more silly, amusing, impressive, most amount of people involved, most posed the better, most embarrassing for your kids/spouse/yourself

Scoring will be 1 to 5 points per category, ranging from 1 for "Oh dear!" to 5 for "Wow!" and various ratings in between.

As an example, here is our first entry. Ok on the location and good use of signage as proof, could be more pompously grand, was quite embarrassing for some of the kids although the others thought it was "kind of coool" so probably adding up to around an 8 or 9 = Could do better. So, can you??

This is not a "Wet T-Shirt" competition so keep it clean, this is a family show.

It's just a bit of fun so there aren't really any apart from The Judge's decision is final!

We look forward to seeing some excuses for lowering the tone on family holidays with some classic embarrassing Dad etc. Magic Man Moments.

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