Thursday, 26 January 2012

January Notices

Well what an excellent first session of the year we had last Sunday. A truly magnificent collection of manhood gathered in the back room of The White Hart bolstered by the Swindon 2 (out of 3) and the Stroud 2 Many to count (half a dozen??).

Chris was on fine form, inspired by our latest performance at the Beer and Carols evening back before Christmas but was urging us all to blend our voices in ever improving tones. The sound we were making during Ah Robin was verily lyrical, really lovely, in our hairy, manly way. Mraval Jamier is also sounding pretty good, and Shosholoza will be quite a piece of performance art by the time we have finished with it (and no doubt found some spears and shields and other dressing up items!). And it was great to cap things off with a rousing Haul Away, Joe.

So, to draw your attention to new practice pieces on SoundCloud for Mraval Jamier and a Flying Solo session on Sunday 5th Feb to be lead by the wonderful Mr Phil Read. Carry on practicing.

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