Friday, 17 February 2012

Black is the new Black - Our Spring 2012 Collection

Introducing the Spring 2012 Collection. This collection of, er, one builds on the understated stylishness of the 2011 creation that has deservedly become a classic of bloke apparel.

The new design (see attached layout from the printers) incorporates two changes. First a minor one, the spacing between the K, 4 and 7 has been adjusted following an observation made by an eagle-eyed member regarding the suboptimal kerning and is now less likely to disturb those of a sensitive typographical disposition. The second change is that we have added a design to the back. This is a word cloud ( based on all the lyrics of our currently active songs. The 25 most frequently occurring words (excluding common words) are rendered in a font size proportional to their frequency of occurrence. The resultant set of words provides a curious summary of a typical performance, complete with the expected grunts, heys and ois though our more sensitive side is represented too.

The intention is that this will be our performance t-shirt for 2012 with last year’s model being reserved for rehearsals, christenings, smart evening wear or simply for occasions when that extra touch of magnificence is called for. And as Neil so eloquently put it, you can never have too many black t-shirts.
(Many thanks to Chris A for all his hard work cat herding the Camel Design Committee)

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