Thursday, 10 May 2012

When first suggested by our beloved ChoirMeister it sounded like a crazy idea, three people sing a stanza for each part, then each section sing that part then the next section joins in until all three parts are going.  Ok, so far maybe nothing too crazy sounding about that, but add in the fact that the song is about the most Blokey of things imaginable, Duct Tape, and that the intention is to wrap the soloists up with said material as they sing, now that's at least heading towards crazy!

And yet here is it in all its finery, the practice material for all to listen and learn.  Please note that the arrangement on the Duct Tape All Together Edited is not necessarily the final arrangement but is for guidance at this stage.

An actual performance of the piece can be found nestling in amongst others from our most recent rehearsal at

Now, here's looking forward to the first live enaction of the piece!

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