Monday, 18 June 2012

BlokeFest is near

Queens's Jubilee?  The Olympics?  Pah!!  These events pale into insignificance when compare with the inaugural BlokeFest. 

It is now only four more sleeps until the biggest gathering of singing, facial hair and dodgy T-Shirts since, well, since time immemorial quite frankly.  Suffice to say the Blokes of The Magnificent AK47 will be girding their loins as well as packing their camping kit.  And a fearsome itinerary awaits them.  

In brief, the weekend looks like this:

Friday – gather at The Tunnel Inn, coach trip to visit to Stroud Brewery, food, drink and singing then back to the camp overnight

Saturday – series of workshops for all things Bloke, singing, tug of war, hog roasting and other such activities

Sunday – more singing, some walking and a bit more eating, drinking and singing

It may surprise you to know that much more can be found on a website, aptly named

Let's just hope the weather holds off and all the facilities work!

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