Thursday, 6 September 2012

Post Pow Wow 2012

And so, after weeks of anticipation, days of preparation and minutes of firkling around setting up, there we all were, at our 2nd Magnificent AK47 Pow Wow, aka Annual General meeting in layperson's speak.

As you can just about make out from the photo it was exceptionally well attended with around 75% regulars turning up and 2 or 3 familiar faces from BlokeFest popping along to find out more and meet up with the rest of the blokes.

We covered a number of topics including a Financial report from Angus V, delivered by a nearly "look-a-like" Peter B, a long rant by Big Chief Neil B yarning on about what a great year it had been, outlining all the terrific events that are lined up before the end of the year and even talking about the "Wold Tour" and mooted proper recording in the new year.  After a bit of debate about ethos, direction and the need to adjust the subscriptions we toasted the various sections of the agenda as they were passed and got on with a mini-workshop lead by our esteemed ChoirMeister the sunshine in the pub garden, followed by a BYO BBQ and social. 

A great way to finish off the first "half" of the year and launch into the second part.

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