Thursday, 17 October 2013

Turnip Soup a Triumphant Success

Gringos, you can trust them, at least according to the chorus of one of our new songs that was premiered at our gig at the Sundial Theatre last week to much acclaim.

Right before the show there was an impressive collection of gringos, bandidos, and even a man stuck on top of what we believe was a comedy horse costume.  All in a night's work for our brave lads.

In fact, there were many new hats getting a first outings as well as two more new songs, our homage to Welsh male voice choirs in the guise of a superb rendition of the classic, Myfanwy, and our tribute to Georgian inspired Aussie man choirs, with the awesome Shen Xar.

No one in the audience appeared too perturbed with any mispronunciations of ancient Georgian but they did seem to relish the silliness of the beards, the "Vly" descending from the skies to threaten the Turmot and some pretty decent singing, even if we do say so ourselves, but only because family, friends and various associates said it first.

Generous applause was received at the end of each piece, so much so that we were lured back on for an unplanned encore that was such a surprise only the basses got told what song we were going to do until the split second before we started!

One final audience participation version of "Down to the River" later we finished and had to leave the capacity audience of well over 200 souls baying for more or rushing out to buy CDs or sign up to the mailing list.

Special thanks go to all who helped make it another great evening, in particular the stunningly brilliant vocal gymnastics of The Croutons, all at the Sundial Theatre and all who helped with the Memorabilia Stand.  Turnip Soup was indeed an autumnal heart warming success.

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