Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Bro-Vember, Mo-Vember

Many may think that "Movember" is just an excuse for blokes to not shave properly for a "Mo-nth", such as Geoff S's case in this photo, as unfortunately the full effect of his "Mo" is not adequately captured (mainly because he hadn't trimmed it!).

Others will recognize it for the remarkable phenomenon that has done an immense amount to pro"Mo"te awareness of male prone cancers and male mental health issues.

By clicking on the website at you can very quickly learn a huge a"Mo"unt about testicular and prostate cancers that might just help save someone's life by early detection.  You will also find many very informative videos including a very clever and entertaining one featuring Ray Winstone and Jimmy White.

Resplendent in the "Mo-ness" in the photo are fine examples of Magnificent "Mo-hair" with Geoff S on the left, Big John, then Paul B and the hairiest of them all, Alan G.

Observers of how these things work will know that Alan probably has the most vested interest to be the "Mo-st" hairy as he is in competition with many of his colleagues at work to raise "Mo-re" funds for the invaluable research that Movember sponsors.  

So, without any more terrible puns or literary devices, and no further ado, visit Alan's page and donate at

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  1. Good stuff - keep it Growing.
    From week one when it seems like a good idea (growing to the strains of Clapton's "let it Grow",
    then negotiating the tricky itchy second week, (growing to Shania Twain - "that don't impress me much.")
    and into the unexpectedly equally tricky itchy third week (growing to Muddy Waters I've got my MoJo g(r)o(w)ing...
    (Week 4 musical inspiration is still tbc. suggestions welcome)
    see mine at