Monday, 17 March 2014

Master Class with Malkhaz Erkvanidze

From one master to another, here you can see  Malkhaz Erkvanidze on the right in action at Ashton Keynes School Hall passing on some of his experience and wisdom to our great master, our belov├ęd ChoirMeister Chris Samuel.

A good number of the blokes turned up dutifully garbed in Magnificent T-Shirts along with a number of non-Magnificent, but one the less magnificent blokes, and were taught two pieces.

The first was a truly special example of Georgian choral singing, a singular Mraval jamier that was quite a challenge for all assembled with its shape shifting polyphony and intricate parts.  We managed to get through it in one piece but it was quite a challenge though hopefully has laid the groundwork for us to return to it and conquer it with guidance from Mr Samuel.

The second piece, Aliloi, came together very quickly and despite only getting a couple of run throughs sounded reasonably pleasing by the end of the session.  You can judge for yourself by listening to it at

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