Thursday, 17 April 2014

Swedish Cheese Fest!

It's been a while since we last communicated and this past month has been quite a quiet one on the Magnificent front as we stock our instantaneously evaporating "Brownie Points" before the very merrie month of May and June tear us away from our loved ones for many, many adventures.

But that is not to say that we have not been up to our usual tricks, singing and doing those slightly unusual things associated with all things Magnificent.  And that includes singing, with Swedes, and LOTS of cheese!

The past Saturday 11th April we hosted a 30+ strong mixed choir from Gothenburg in Sweden who were visiting hereabouts at our wonderful local hall at the rather wonderful Gateway Centre

The location was provided thanks to the lovely Jill, long suffering wife of our dearly beloved "Absent Bob", who remarkably graced us with his presence on this occasion!

And to the right you can see it in all its glory with the Swedish choir Celinkoren gracing us a series of songs from their wide and varied repertoire.

A lovely location to perform in, with the fantastic beams that lent a touch of the Scandinavian long house that matched the beauty of the performance as two groups of strangers enjoyed each others' company through the shared medium of song.

The only question remains, "and what of the Cheese"?  Well, we thought, how can we entertain and honour our guest, and what better way than to celebrate with a whole cornucopia of English cheese (apart from the one imposter from Wales that someone sneaked in!)?  A terrific scent and range of cheeses, that we could only start to do justice to by sampling as many as possible.

And the final question, "would you buy a used cheese from these gentlemen?"

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