Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Back in the saddle!

with The Royal Mail Choir and little old "us" at the Thornbury Arts Festival.  

We will be doing our second performance with the posties from Brissle having locked metaphorical choral horns together the other year at the Bristol Festival of Song, and the blokes are all very much looking forward to rising to the challenge and getting back in the musical saddle after what seems like an age.

The fact that it is less than a month since we last performed to serenade our visiting Swedish Choir friends is perhaps an indication of how much the Magnificents have come on in recent times.  Previously we were lucky to get together once every 6 weeks.  Now we will be performing four times in the one month!

May is "traditionally" (well the last 3 years at any rate) a very busy period for us as we manage to take up the kind offers for gigs at festivals and the like.  We are very much looking forward to many other outings this merrie month and hope you might be able to join us along the way.

More info and last minute tickets from and more news later.

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