Saturday, 21 June 2014

Now we are Six

A little moment of celebration today as we recognised the fact that what was ultimately to evolve into The Magnificent AK47 came into being more or less on this day six years ago when Chris Samuel, our belov├ęd ChoirMeister, ran the very first "Sing Like a Bloke" workshop at the 2008 Ashton Keynes Music Festival.

A decidedly motley crew of blokes turned up on that first Saturday but many enjoyed themselves so much that they resolved to continue on under the patronage of said Festival until the day when they emerged as an entity in their own right which grew into the best, Georgian-inspired, multi-hatted singing machine ever to escape the depths of deepest, darkest North, North Wiltshire . . . or so the legend has it.

A big thanks to Neil B's mum Jennifer and his daughter Ellie who helped make the cake that was sung to in deep manly tones and then duly scoffed with pretty short measure.

Here's to the next six years on the good ship as we sail the seas of BlokeSong.

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