Saturday, 13 December 2014

Join in the "Delilah" debate

A furore seems to have broken out in the media about one of our most favourite songs and one that is also one of the most favourite songs of a lot of other people, especially the Welsh crowd before any Rugby International, namely, Delilah.

It has prompted a good deal of analysis and debate on the full meaning of the darker subtext of the original version (which is basically pretty dark) but we can't help wondering if it could be lightened by our post-masculinist, hirsuitismistic, pre-retro-introspectiveistic re-interpretation of the classic for which we are duly indebted to Young Spooky Man of the West Ryan (Lightpole) Morrison and purveyors of fake facial hair from across the land. 

Some real issues raised but storm in a media tea-cup?  Should the Welsh nation adopt singing our version?  Read, listen to our blokes in action earlier this year at the packed Colston Hall and other and judge for yourself.

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