Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Magic from MJ-UK

For those of you with good memories or who are such avid followers of our adventures that you just know everything about our general Magnificentness, you may already be aware of our connections with MJ-UK Music & Arts, a youth theatre group based in nearby Cirencester.

Last year the Blokes did a fund raising concert with them in Bingham Hall in the capital of the cotswolds, and this year they are doing another one of their amazing shows, a new production of a new musical that recently completed a decent sized run in that there London Town, called "The Clockmaker's Daughter".

Reports from those in the know describe it as a blend of Les Misérables + elements of Sondheim + Disney, all with a local cast of terrifically (curmudgeons would say sickeningly) talented group of youngsters.  They are all working very hard to make it a great show, so

Watch their feature video at http://mj-uk.com

Follow their journey at https://www.facebook.com/MJUKMusicAndArts and https://twitter.com/MJUKMusicArts if you do that sort of thing

And get your tickets from http://mj-uk.com/index.php/tickets/

And maybe you will see one or two familiar faces there (most likely near the bar!).

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