Thursday, 8 October 2015

Pow Wow Now

Tis that time of year when we ask ourselves important questions, and ponder inponderables, such as "what did we do last year?", "was it a good one?", "what should we do next year?", "who's round is it?"

Yes, it is "Pow Wow" time because we in The Magnificent AK47 don't do anything by halves, we do it in pints and then squeeze quarts into those pints.  

We most certainly have had a most Magnificent seventh year and have many plans afoot to continue into 2016 and some even beyond.

So what have we done?

A (shortened) list could include
  1. The Hammerman Wold Tour celebrating Alfred Williams
  2. Sang on a Windmill
  3. Bristol Festival of Song singing in multiple locations
  4. Sang on a replica of "The Matthew" floating in Bristol docks
  5. Had our first "Boot Camp"
  6. Sang in a former Convent
  7. Did our fourth "Beer & Carols"
  8. Had 3 days' of trips to the big city to sing in London's The Roundhouse
  9. Sang on BBC Radio 3
  10. Went on our first multi day proper tour to Cornwall
  11. Were interviewed and sang on national Cornish Radio
  12. Singing in caves at Tintagel Castle
  13. Singing on Cornish clifftops to (nearly) abandoned maidens
  14. Had THE best time ever at BlokeFest
  15. Got our very own Comic Strip!
  16. Blooming well sang inside the stones at Stonehenge
  17. Did many other gigs around the local area
  18. Sang in a tipi
  19. Had a rather marvelous time doing it all
So, what next?  We'll find out at our Annual Chewing of the Cud that is known as "The Pow Wow" at the end of our 2nd Boot Camp on Sunday at Chiseldon Rec.

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