Saturday, 12 December 2015

More Carolling about

For those of you still in the mood for some carolling, or yet to get fully into the swing of things, then be very encouraged to join the throng down (or up depending how you approach that hill) at The Prince Albert, Rodborough on the outskirts of P.R. Stroud.

The gathering features a notably strong Magnificent presence with many blokes venturing from far and wide to join the throng and partake of the good ale, hearty singing and great company that devour pieces from the "Gallery Carols" tradition.

Much more information can be garnered from the rather excellent which has been lovingly put together by a certain Bill H and is a treasure trove about the event and the sub-genre and is well worth a read.  You can find all the materials you need to get all the carols so you can go fully prepared.

Here is some blurb shamelessly lifted directly from the site "The Prince Albert Carol Consort (PACC) came out of discussions in the pub during 2001 among a group of regulars who’d a fondness for singing but no shared repertoire. We described ourselves then, and still do, as drinkers with a singing problem. Some among us are knowledgeable English music singers and instrumentalists and they talked of the surviving traditions of village carols in Yorkshire, especially around Sheffield, and parts of N. Derbyshire and Cornwall. Singing and drinking ticked the essential boxes for us so we resolved to learn some village carols and sing them in the Albert at Christmas."

It is a fabulous resource for a fabulous endeavour and another shining example of a triumph of enthusiasm over the odds that has built many years of special shared moments and lasting friendships.  Rather like The Magnificent AK47...

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