Tuesday, 19 July 2016

BlokeFest 2016 was BRILLIANT

A somewhat belated big thank you to all the blokes and (so-called) organizers for such a fabulous weekend of singing and good blokeyness.

Some highlights?

  • The pockets of singing and music around the campsite
  • The Cabaret again
  • The BlokeFest CafĂ©
  • The "ear worm" of Get over you from new leader Craig McLeish
  • The extraordinary emotion of Jutland from new leader Pete Truin
  • The "Derren Brown" Magic of another new leader Iwan Lewis
  • The food
  • The posh loos
  • The Sunday Birthday Party
  • The Quinquenarians
  • And all the blokes for being so lovely, having such a great time and just being
Will we do it all again?  Who knows but it was certainly fun whilst it lasted....

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