Monday, 26 June 2017

BlokeFest - brilliant as ever

It's taken a while to recover from it, but BlokeFest was as brilliant as ever and superbly curated by the Bebington Bitter Men from up Wirral way.

Anglesey was bathed in glorious sunshine and the singing matched the sunlit mood, fab tent, great blokes, who could ask for more?  Well, everyone!!

Looking forward to BlokeFest 2018 already...


  1. thanks chaps for my first Blokefest. Good times and rorty singing!

    just to remind anyone who might want a French venue for singing gatherings and holidays in Brittany we're here

  2. ps has anyone published any clips or photos recently? and while im here try youtubing Paul Sartin's Belshazzar's Feast version of Home Boys Home (and many other versions. what a beautiful homage to the horses and men of the first world war.