Friday, 28 October 2016

The sounds of #MagnificentDerry

It is fair to say that the blokes from The Magnificent AK47 had a very special time in #MagnificentDerry at the stunning City of Derry International Choral Competition 2016, or more correctly stated, they had THE most amazing time, full of singing, culture, history, camaraderie, exploring, the odd tipple (to lubricate the larynx you understand...) and many new experiences and friends.

And we weren't alone, as you can see...

There were many, many highlights of the long weekend for all the blokes that we are still re-living as we pinch ourselves and try to piece together a few "missing bits", like singing on the Giant's Causeway, wandering around the city walls, being asked to perform at the after event party, but one particular session stands out above all - the hoolie!

The hoolie happened more or less spontaneously (with a bit of blowing the embers) at the Ceilidh on the Saturday night underneath the main concert hall.  A band had gathered and the dancing was in full swing, then during a lull suddenly some singing broke out and "woof", up went the flames of song and we had a full on "SingOff" on our hands as choir after choir was inspired to bring out their party piece to sing for the pleasure of the other groups in the room.  The Magnificent AK47 as ever in the thick of things instigating and egging people on, followed by phenomenal Fauna then many more.

It was utterly brilliant (even if some of the singing is a little "tired and emotional") and will live with all of us who witnessed it for many a year to come until the memory has faded, become a bit worn round the edges and starts to blur into mythology.  But to help stave off that moment for a wee while, luckily some clever people managed to capture the moment(s) so they can be re-lived a bit, at least the first parts with maybe more to come...

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