Saturday, 31 December 2016

Magnificent 2016

It's been a Magnificent year, even by our high standards, so worth recapping a few moments to savour them all the little bit more...

From top left moving clockwise, spiraling into the centre...: the caged lions of song before they unleashed the sound of testosterone and thunder at Stroud Fringe; those 'ombres at Bath Old Theatre Royal; Singing in The Barn, Ciren; Singing in the cold in Cricklade; a suitable reward for our ChoirMeister; #MagnificentDerry; Singing in the Shed; More utterly #MagnificentDerry; Singing on the seafront at Lyme Regis; Singing in Bath Abbey; Singing on Giant's Causeway...

And we thought we would celebrate another Magnificent year of art work from our ArtMeister and CartoonMeister...  some more superb material.

And it is also worth noting that we have been in the media more than ever before which is a testament to the hard graft and unseen work (until it's published!) done by our splendid MediaMeisters.  Here is a sample of some of the media highlights.

Highlights of Magnificent 2016?

#MagnificentDerry has to be the stand out memory... what a trip!  So much packed into those five days.  The fun of being a big black-clad gang boarding the plane, singing all over Derry and the surrounding parts, the Bushmills Distillery visit, the Choral Competition, the "Sing-off" with all the other choirs, the trips, the hanging out, the Radio Show, all legendary.

BlokeFest 2016 - another brilliant event that surpassed all others to date, more fun, more food, more cake.  A great souvenir video.  Well done to the organisers and here's to whatever is in store for 2017.

Other highlights include:
"Singing in The Shed"; singing in The Barn; a grotto; a distillery; on city walls; in the oldest building in the land; all over the SS Great Britain; on a sea front stage being dive bombed by seagulls with the waves lapping nearby; on Giant's Causeway with the waves crashing very nearby; in Bath Abbey and that immense acoustic; Bath Old Theatre Royal / Masonic Lodge; the most diverse and inclusive Beer & Carols yet... the list is long but must end here.

Great times, places and people and song - Let's do it all again in 2017!

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