Friday, 24 November 2017

An antidote to Black Friday...?

It's all over the news in Internetland and also the real world that today is a dark day, a "Black Friday"... 

To those of us still a little bleary from a poor night's sleep because of on-going Man flu' so we may not have understood all of what it is about, but it does not sound good news, so let us try and cheer you up with some heartening notices and alternative options.

1. Don't spend any money unnecessarily today on tat that you (a) don't really want (b) don't really need and (c) don't really have space in your already cluttered abode.

2. Come along to our gig this Saturday 25th Nov at the Sundial Theatre, Cirencester with the wonderful Sassparella


3. Make a donation of a fraction of what you might have spent at Prostate Cancer charity

There, bet you are feeling better about yourself and the world already!


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