Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Have you heard about the big strong man? Mike P we salute you

"Have you heard about the big strong man? He lived in a caravan" apparently... 

Those in the know will know that we are talking about the one and only Mike P, a Magnificent legend of epic proportions and general all round top Bloke.

One of the "Stroudie Three" (or more) he made an impact from the very moment he joined the group however many years ago and has been making us laugh and pointing out buildings he helped to glaze ever since.  He can often be found near coastal footpaths removing his clothing for a quick sea dip and equally found climbing up rock faces with more than a decent amount of aplomb for a fellow of his vintage.

His reputation was sealed with an outstanding performance of one of his favourite recitations, Big Strong Man (My Brother Sylveste), at the very first BlokeFest.  Just as everyone was a little "giddy" from the excitement of the day, up leapt Mike to regale us with this amazing piece of entertainment.  All the more amazing that he could remember all the words to quite a long piece but now some times struggles to remember the words to some of our songs(!), but he never forgets how to get to the bar for his shout.

"He’s got an arm like a leg (a ladies’ leg!) 
And a punch that would sink a battleship (big ship!) 
It takes all of the Army and the Navy to put the wind up. Who?"  Mike P!

We salute you sir and look forward to drinking your health in the White Hart from 20:30 onwards this evening, Tuesday 5th December.

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