Sunday, 14 January 2018

To MVC or to #alt.mvc? That is the question

A question that members of The Magnificent AK47 often get asked by people who have never heard us or seen us is, "what sort of music do you do" or a variation being "how do you describe what you do?" and often after a long rambling response attempting to describe what we do and how we do it this leads on to a conclusion by the questioner along these lines of,  "ah, so, you're a male voice community choir are you?" and further explanation of how that is not quite right ensues.

As the group enters its TENTH year of operation this sort of questioning still poses a great deal of head scratching on behalf of the questionee who will often result to "well, something like that, but not quite..., yes..., similar..., in that we are all male..., a sort of choir..., based in a community..., and we use our voices, but...", or maybe "we are a male voice choral group" or perhaps more appealing to the slightly devious, cheeky, naughty inner school boy lurking within most of the members of the group, "we are a sort of alternative male voice choir in the community".

So, how would YOU describe The Magnificent AK47 to the uninitiated?  Does #alt.mvc do it for the modern generation?

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