Saturday, 10 March 2018

Cracker in Cricklade

Loyal Magnificent devotees who might be distraught at the "Snow No Show" situation the other weekend and missing their favourite all bloke multi-hatted singing machine in action need fret no more as we are pressed back into action this coming Saturday 17th March in not so far away Cricklade.

And what a cracker in Cricky it should be with a return concert with the rather wonderful ChoirJam, all the way from North Somerset to the darkest recesses of North North Wiltshire.  They are a hugely entertaining mixed choir with an infections energy and the perfect compliment to the blokes...

Last time our two choirs performed was the "Away leg" down their way in sunny Keynesham and was a truly fabulous evening and we are expecting even more from the "Home leg" at the majestic St Sampson's Church in Cricklade.

Tickets are still available, very reasonably priced at and there will be a bar for your refreshment so we very much hope to see you there to join in the fun.

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