Saturday, 5 May 2018

Can you spot "The Magnificent 1"? + Upton Update

We don't normally encourage this sort of behaviour, but recently a photo came into our possession from a reliable source suggesting we ask the question, "can anyone spot the soon to be member of The Magnificent AK47 in this line up of, er, likely lads?", or words to that effect.

The "friend" of the fellow shall remain nameless (for now) but can YOU name one of our Top Blokes in this photo?  A small prize await the first correct answer not coming from the "friend" or the fellow himself.

*** Upton-upon-Severn Festival UPDATE ON TIMINGS ***
Apparently we were correct in the information we passed on in our last post, but this information has now changed so apparently we are due to be performing at 

Concert in the Parish Church - we are due on stage 14:45


Concert 6PCe 19:45 23:30  in the Parish Church - we are due on stage 20:35 21:25 (unless that has changed too...).   We'll let you know any more as soon as we know ourselves.

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