Friday, 22 March 2019

Friends of Fisherman's Friends special Friends

With due deference to the original film that has just come out this week, we would like to stake a tenuous claim to fame about the story of Fisherman's Friends, given that we have bumped into several of them on our various trips to Cornwall and will be singing with The Gulls (who also hail from Port Isaac and have a more than passing acquaintance with the nautical singers) this coming Saturday night at the Tetbury Goods Shed.

In honour of this tenuous link, a bunch of us ventured to one of the Cinema Houses in Swindon to watch the film and the general consensus was that it is a really loving homage to the fine fellow from Kernow and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  Roll on our next visitation down there!

Here you can see Neil B + Geoff S + Mark T resplendent in their Magnificent T-Shirts, with Geoff admiring the selection of overpriced confectionary / displaying his Tour T-Shirt from the last time we visited.

A dwindling number of tickets to see us in action with The Gulls are available at

P.S. Thanks to our ArtMeister for the Magnificentyfied image of the original promo for the film.

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