Thursday, 22 September 2011

Georgian singing on the www # 1

We stumbled across this from a starting point brought to our attention by brother Alan. This is a little potted history of Georgian singing that helped pass the time whilst eating tea the other while.

It is quite educational with an English commentary and mildly interesting so have a look and learn something to impress your mates with next time you are out drinking and the topic of the origins of Georgian polyphonic choral traditions crops up in the conversation.

Click here for Georgian Polyphonic Singing and this lead to Georgian women singers in Kendal of all places, and thence to the Rustavi Choir who seem to have quite a lot of material.

Finally for now, you might be interested some music you can download from Amazon (other sources are available and we will blog about them later) at this link. We have the two albums by the Georgian Voices and mighty fine they are although one are two pieces are a more for the real devotee rather than the casual listener if you take our meaning.

Amazing thing the internet, how you can travel the world whiilst having your tea!

P.S. We will follow up Alan's original link as it has uncovered another cell of Spookyness but that will be another day.

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