Monday, 5 September 2011

Good luck to Dr Sweeney swimming to France

A belated "Good Luck to all who sail in her" to that crazy Dr Sweeney fellow, splashing his way across the English Channel to France earlier today in aid of Aspire - supporting people with spinal cord injury.

Hopefully he will be safely on the other side by the time you read this but there is still time to contribute to his fundraising by visiting his Just Giving page, click here.

Here's looking forward hearing all about it when we next congregate.

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  1. Gale force winds and big waves have kept me on dry land at the moment, with the outlook using words like 'southwesterly 6 or 7, decreasing 5 at times later. Sea State: Moderate or rough. To get an idea take a look at this clip, filmed earlier in the week:
    As frustrating as this is, I'm am still in training and encouraging my wife to grease me up each day, just in case.