Sunday, 25 December 2011

A message from Santa

Received via text now that he has a moment to relax.

"Yo ho ho. Well done my lads. M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S!!

I can tell you that I've been following your progress throughout the last year since you came to my attention when one of my helper elves told me about you. He had heard via the grapevine that there was a bunch of blokes who had taken to rejoicing in Blokeyness and the joy of singing in harmonious unison together (well most of the time).

Thanks for my T-Shirt, although I must confess that it is a little on the snug side and I can only suspect that it was one of the leftovers that would suit a careful lady owner, but I am pleased to wear it under my regular outfit to show solidarity with the chaps.

Have a great Yuletide, you were truly Magnificent the other night in the pub, "Wassail!!", remember to take your own T-Shirts wherever you are and enter the next competition. Just about to run out of credit on my phone now so must go but have a wonderful 2012 and enjoy all your serious silliness.


Thanks St Nick, I'm sure the Blokes will enjoy your message and will be suitably inspired.

P. S. This posting was in no way influenced by just a little too much Christmas cheer ;-)

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